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Phil Miller - Warden, Falmouth 5th floor Phil is a native of Northern Ireland but don’t let the strong Irish accent scare you off – he’s really quite friendly. He has long since swapped the peaceful green fields of the Emerald Isle for the busy streets of London having moved to Imperial College almost ten years ago. He is a lecturer in PET radiochemistry (no, this has nothing to with domestic animals!) and spends most of his time in the Department of Chemistry with the occasional day at Hammersmith Hospital making radioactive stuff for imaging brains. In his now rather limited spare time he likes to run, swim and cycle. He lives in Falmouth hall with his ‘better-half’, Cara, a doctor at Charing Cross Hospital and their little daughters Sophia and Aurora.

  • Celeste van den Bosch - Subwarden, Falmouth 4th floor Hello, I’m Celeste, one of the subwardens at Falmouth & Keogh. I'm currently working on my PhD in the Department of Materials trying to make lithium-air batteries feasible. I grew up in Canada and the Netherlands and love reading, catching up on Doctor Who on the BBC iPlayer and when I can find the time, playing cricket. I’ve been at Imperial since 2009, starting out as an undergraduate in the Chemistry Department and living in a variety of Imperial halls as a fresher and hall senior – I can assure you that at F&K you’re in the best one! Welcome to Falmouth & Keogh, looking forward to getting to know each of you!
  • Scott Lovell - Subwarden, Falmouth 1st floor Hi guys, I'm Scott and like the majority of you this is also my first year in F&K halls! I'm from Yorkshire and moved to London a year ago to study for a PhD in Chemical Biology. I'm a huge Arsenal F.C. fan and along with football and squash which are my two favourite hobbies, I like to cycle and run, cook amazing food and visit new restaurants. Most importantly though I'm here to help so if any of you fancy a chat I'm in Falmouth room 101 - if you're lucky I may even offer you a drink. A big welcome to all of you! I look forward to getting to know you over the upcoming year.
  • Christian Clear - Subwarden, Keogh M floor Hi all! I'm Christian, one of the subwardens here at Falmouth and Keogh - my room's in the Keogh part. For the day job, I'm working on my PhD in the Space and Atmospheric Physics group using their Fourier Transform Spectrometer. I took my bachelor's degree in physics at the University of Bath and then worked for a few years in industry before coming back to University. I love reading, trying (and failing) to learn the guitar, eating new and delicious foods and also a bit of gaming. I'm looking forward to a great year with all you guys here at F&K!