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Hall Seniors are undergraduate students usually in their second year but can be later, so they remember moving into halls as though it were yesterday. You will see them around all the time, not only because they organise all the events in the hall but also because most of you will share a kitchen with them.


  • Ali Attar - Falmouth 5th floor Hey future F&Kers, welcoooooooooooome to Imperial! :D I am Ali Attar, third year student in Applied Mathematics, and definitely your favorite senior for the upcoming year . People describe me as “crazy”, “overenthusiastic”, “special”... but don't listen to them haahahah! I’ll let you judge for yourself! ;) All I can say is that I acknowledge owning very weird stuff in my room, so if you want to try a leap motion controller, control a computer with your brain, read books about paradoxes or just help me find more stuff, you are more than welcome to knock on my door! Also, you HAVE to know that I LOOOOOVEEEE foooooooddd! If you are looking for an amazing restaurant just come and ask me, I probably tried all of them last year :')Oh and… I don’t sleep much so yeah… I’m pretty available for a chat 24/7 hahahahah Anyways, I’ll stop here otherwise you really are going to think that I’m mad.I really look forward to meeting you all! P.S. : Don't listen to all those people who tell you Imperial's social life is bad... It's the best by far ;)
  • Marta Koscielak - Falmouth 4th floor Hey there :D! My name is Marta, I’m a third year Mathematician from Poland. I love cooking and baking, so you’ll probably see me a lot in the kitchen ;) If you ever feel like making a batch of cookies at midnight, do knock on my door :D. In general, I love everything about food: books, workshops and trying out new cuisines and restaurants, of course! I also enjoy walks around London, especially since Hyde Park is so close! Finally if you ever fancy a cup of hot chocolate and a chat, I have a permanent supply, so give me a shout ;) I’m hoping you’re all excited for the upcoming year, it’s going to legen.. wait for it.. dary :D!
  • César Maklary - Falmouth 3rd floor Hey everyone! My name’s César and I’m currently a third year Aeronautical Engineering student. Coming from the South of France, I really enjoy partying and I’m always up for a good night out in London (starting to know quite a few interesting places at night!). I’m also a real sports fan, and I spend quite a lot of time on tennis courts or running around Hyde Park, so if you guys wanna join you’re always welcome! Last but not least, if anyone ever wants to have a chat or needs any kind of help about Imperial (best uni in London) and life in halls, just knock on my door and I’ll sort things out! Really looking forward to meet you all, and I hope Falmouth will remain the best hall of Imperial this year!!
  • Myint Moe - Falmouth 2nd floor Hey guys! A very warm welcome to F&K. I am Myint, a third year Chemical Engineering student from Burma. I spent half my life studying in Singapore before moving to London. I love watching movies of all genres (except horror) and all languages. I am also into making personalised birthday/greeting cards, so if someone important in your life is having a special day and you want to write them a personalised card, just come and find me on second floor and we can work something out together. I am also really crazy about food, so If you need a restaurant suggestion anytime, ASK ME! Settling into university in the first year can be really tough especially for those who are away from home for the first time, so please do not hesitate to knock on my door whenever you need a listening ear. If you ever need advice or tips on how to survive Imperial, feel free to look for me as well. I am always available for a chat. Most importantly, enjoy your time in F&K and Imperial. Looking forward to meet you all!
  • Enzo Bermond - Falmouth 1st floor Hi guys! I’m Enzo, a third year Mechanical Engineering student from France. I love any kind of sports so if you guys fancy to make F&K win all of the sport competitions or even if you just want to try out new activities, please come and knock! Most of all I like chatting about anything so feel free to come and say hi, you are all a few steps from 1st floor so no excuse! People describe me as “outgoing” and “hyperactive” so if you wish to make the most of your first year I’ll be your man! I’m also a massive partier and I know you are too! I can’t wait to meet you all and I am looking forward to make this year more unforgettable than ever! P.S: good job you’ve joined the craziest hall you could ever find.
  • Barnaby Sandeford - Falmouth LG floor Hi! My name is Barney, I'm a second year physicist, just like Florian and Stephan. This is going to be my second year in halls, having been in Pembridge last year, and I'm really excited to make all of your first years amazing! I'm the captain of the 2nd squash team at Imperial, am very sporty in general, and love my music too. I love to talk and meet knew people, and find cool, adventurous things to do in London. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!
  • Keogh

  • Florian Langar - Keogh LG foor Hey everyone I am Florian, second year physics student from Frankfurt in Germany (where the sausages come from). My two most favourite things are exercising (literally any exercise) and eating. Not quite every food though, I am a bit pickier here. Because of some quirk of nature, I don’t like Frankfurter sausages that much, but I still prefer them to every single British dish there is. No offense to all those who are proud of the exquisite cuisine of their kingdom. Anyway at the moment I do a lot of kickboxing so if you ever feel like punching or kicking someone really hard come to the Muay Thai training in the union gym (ask me for the times). I am also always up for a quick game of cards or a long game of chess. A top tip at the end: talk to people, not just us but everyone. The guy I sat next to (and talked to!) in the first lecture has become one of my closest friends. So you see it is quite random with whom you make friends. I am looking forward to talking to you and watch out next to whom you sit in the first lecture :-)
  • Stephan Koenigstorfer - Keogh G floor Hi everybody! I’m Stephan, a second year physicist from Austria and one of your seniors for this year. If you are lucky enough to be in Keogh Ground floor (any room number starting KG) or Keogh Mez then I am your senior! A little about myself: I love having discussions about basically everything, so if you ever feel like talking about the universe/puppies/food until 4am come knock on my door. I am also into cooking and mixology, so if you want to know some delicious and affordable student recipes, I am more than happy to share mine. I love travelling, meeting new people (especially if they are F&K Freshers), music and generally try to make sure everyone around me has a great time! I’m very excited to meet you all, and guarantee that we will make your first year at Imperial absolutely epic!