Freshers' Fortnight

Your Welcome to Wilson House, Imperial College and London

We have a fun-filled packed fortnight of events lined up for everyone moving in to Wilson in September/October. There will be many, many different things going on across College - many of them clashing - but we hope to provide something for everyone and hope that you will be able to get involved in some, if not all of our events.

Halls run the most comprehensive set of events lasting a Fortnight; you're encouraged to get involved with these as much as possible. Halls are where you find friends outside your course, residents are the people you'll be living with all year, and it's where you find people to live with in future years. The Union, and Constituent Unions (like the ICSMSU, RCSU, CGCU and RSMU) will also run events, as well as Departments. Pick and choose what suits you best, but most importantly - just get involved! Don't forget: everyone is new. Don't be afraid to join in!

Wilson House Freshers' Fortnight

Here it is, the one, the only... Wilson House Freshers' Fortnight 2018! Starting on Saturday 29th September, with some welcoming snacks at 17:00 in your kitchen.

Details of each of the events can be found below, including what's free, subsidised and included in each of the Wilson Passes

Just a note... In addition to everything on the calendar below, there'll be club nights, and other ad-hoc things organised on a house-by-house basis. Fancy dress is inevitable for some of these events - keep your eyes peeled and your wardrobe stocked!

Tickets and Passes

Wilson has three different passes for you to choose from. Passes are on sale through the Union website (card) in advance of Move-In Day, and on Move-In Day itself from the Social Space/Annex area (cash).

Freshers' Pass

Get full access to our paid events for only £TBC

  • Freshers' Dinner
  • Boat Party
  • Chinese Buffet ('Aroma Dinner')
  • Bricklane Curry Meal
  • Queensway Bowling
  • Comedy Show all the free events!

*We do not run the Mingle/'Show Your Colours', Freshers' Ball or ICaPrty event. See below for more details.

Freshers' Dinner Only

This is available for purchase at £20

Boat Party Only

This is available for purchase at £10

A note about the price...

The price of the passes takes into account a huge discount on the actual cost of running these events. The Freshers' Dinner alone costs £40+ per person and the other paid events around £10. Buying a Freshers' Pass will be a great value for money ticket, with events totalling over £90. The difference in price is made up from the Hall Amenities fund and from group discount pricing that we've been able to secure.

Buy Freshers' Pass

Event Details

Regular Events

Events aren't only in Freshers'! We hold regular events throughout the year; free and paid.

Wilson Facilities

Find out about Wilson facilities here for you to use and enjoy in the Hall

Freshers' Fortnight

You're only a Fresher once! But it will be enjoyable... Find out all about Wilson House Freshers' events.