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This is last year's calendar!

This is here to give you an idea of what to expect during freshers' fortnight in 2017. It will be updated very soon to reflect the current year.

Freshers' Fortnight

Your Welcome to Wilson House, Imperial College and London

We have a fun-filled packed fortnight of events lined up for everyone moving in to Wilson in October. There will be many, many different things going on across College - many of them clashing - but we hope to provide something for everyone and hope that you will be able to get involved in some, if not all of our events.

Halls run the most comprehensive set of events lasting a Fortnight; you're encouraged to get involved with these as much as possible. Halls are where you find friends outside your course, residents are the people you'll be living with all year, and it's where you find people to live with in future years. The Union, and Constituent Unions (like the ICSMSU, RCSU, CGCU and RSMU) will also run events, as well as Departments. Pick and choose what suits you best, but most importantly - just get involved! Don't forget: everyone is new. Don't be afraid to join in!

Wilson House Freshers' Fortnight

Here it is, the one, the only... Wilson House Freshers' Fortnight 2016! Starting on Saturday 1st October, with some welcoming sandwiches at 17:00 in your kitchen.

Details of each of the events can be found below, including what's free, subsidised and included in each of the Wilson Passes

Just a note... In addition to everything on the calendar below, there'll be club nights, and other ad-hoc things organised on a house-by-house basis. Fancy dress is inevitable for some of these events - keep your eyes peeled and your wardrobe stocked!

Tickets and Passes

Wilson has three different passes for you to choose from. Passes are on sale through the Union website (card) in advance of Move-In Day, and on Move-In Day itself from the Social Space area (cash and card).

Freshers' Pass

Get full access to our paid events for only £50:

  • Freshers' Dinner
  • Boat Party
  • London Eye Trip
  • Chinatown Meal
  • Bricklane Curry Meal
  • Queensway Trip IceSkating

...plus all the free events!

*We do not run the Mingle, Freshers' Ball or ICaPrty event. See below for more details.

Freshers' Pass Lite

Both the Freshers' Dinner and the Boat Party (plus all the free events, of course!) are included in the Lite Pass, available for £30.

Medics' Pass

The Medics' part of the Union, ICSMSU organise lots of Medic-specific events, which may make it difficult for you to attend all the Hall events and get value for money out of your Pass. The Medics pass is for the London Eye and Brick Lane Curry Night, which are occurring on quiet nights for ICSMSU. Medics are of course welcome to choose the Hall events instead of the ICSMSU events, and get a full Freshers' Pass, or Freshers' Pass Lite. And attend the free events, like everyone else! This pass costs £15.

The Mingle and the Freshers' Ball

These two events are run by the Union and are not included in any of our passes. The hall does sell tickets for the Mingle however, but not the Freshers' Ball.


This is an external club promoter that has previously been popular amongst residents. We have some tickets for their Monday 3rd event on sale at £4 instead of their face-value price of £6. Getting to the ICaPrty event after the Boat Party should be a matter of a fairly simple trip round the Circle Line.

A note about the price...

The price of the passes takes into account a huge discount on the actual cost of running these events. The Freshers' Dinner alone costs £40+ per person; the London Eye is nearly £20 and the other paid events around £10. Buying a Freshers' Pass will be a great value for money ticket, with events totalling over £90. The difference in price is made up from the Hall Amenities fund and from group discount pricing that we've been able to secure.

Buy Freshers' Pass

Event Details

Welcome Sandwiches

Free, Kitchens, 17:00 Saturday 1st October
Head down to your kitchen at 17:00 to pick up some pre-Wardens' Welcome sandwiches and to meet your Pastoral Warden, Hall Senior and other housemates!

Wardens' Welcome

Compulsory, South Kensington, 18:30 Saturday - setting off from Wilson at 17:45
Split up over Huxley 213 and 308 Lecture theatres by Pastoral Group, the Wardens will run through all the logistics of living in Wilson for the next academic year.

The Mingle

£10, The Union Building, 19:00 Saturday - tickets can be bought at the same time as a pass
Your introduction to the students' union with a freshers' mingle. A great opportunity to meet people from your course and from other halls - as well as socialise with your new Wilson friends!

Cooked Breakfast

Free, Social Space, 11:00 Sunday
Served in the Social Space, we'll be providing a simple cooked breakfast for you to enjoy.

International Students' Welcome

Run by College, Great Hall, South Kensington, starting at 14:00 Sunday

Paddington Scavenge

Free, Paddington, 14:00 Sunday
Learn more about your new local area; places to go, things to do - things to see, places you'll need - all with a competitive edge!

Speed Mating

Free, Social Space, 20:00 Sunday
You've heard of Speed Dating? Here's Speed Mating - encouraging you to meet with others from your course and with similar interests (languages, sports, music, etc) that you might not have met so far...

Boat Party

Freshers' Pass, Freshers' Pass Lite, or £5, Tower Pier, 18:45 (18:00 - leave Wilson) Monday
Always a highlight of the Week! Enjoy a cruise up and down the Thames on a private party boat, with food included. Drinks deals will be available and no-doubt people will be heading out into Central afterwards! ID REQUIRED!


Think of this as the Boat Party afterparty.... you'll be able to get here for 11pm-ish, after the Boat, if you so wish. Tickets sold by the hall are £4.

London Eye Trip

Freshers' Pass, Westminster, 19:30 (18:50 from Wilson; 19:00 from South Kensington) Tuesday
View London from above - the best night time tour you will get of the Capital! Meet at Wilson House at 18:45 to set off as a group.


Free, Social Space, 20:00 Wednesday
You got into Imperial for your subject, right? But how's your general knowledge? Come fight it out at the Wilson Quiz. Free snacks available.

Brick Lane

Freshers' Pass, Brick Lane, 19:00 (18:20) Thursday
This BYOB Indian restaurant in the World famous Brick Lane area of London will give you a snapshot of student life to come (curry's, rice and naan....)

Freshers Ball

Paid separately - tickets £10 from the Union, 19:00 Friday
This is an event run separate to Halls by the Union. We don't provide tickets for this event, nor do we organise transport like The Mingle. ID REQUIRED!

Games Night

Free, Social Space, 20:00 Friday
If you're all partied out for the week, take things down a notch at the Wilson Games Night. We have a selection of indoor games (table tennis tournement etc) and board and card games.


Free, Reception, 10:00 Saturday
Head out to Wembley IKEA as a group to buy anything you may need/may be missing. Going in a group means those with larger items can pool together for a taxi back cheaply if you want to...

Cycling Tour

Free, Reception, 14:00 Saturday
Either grab your own bike, or we'll show you how to get a Boris Bike and take you off on a route through Hyde Park.

Football Trials

Free, Social Space, 14:00 Saturday
Every Hall will have a Football team in the Halls-league that plays normally Sunday mid-morning/midday. Come along and find your feet with new teammates as practice for the league!

Pool and Ping-pong competition

Free, Games Room/Social Space, 20:00 Saturday
Think you're good at pool? A little healthy competition never hurt anybody, so come along to try your skills on a quick-fire ladder of pool or ping-pong.

Continental Breakfast

Free, Social Space, 11:00 Sunday

Sports Day

Free, Reception, 13:00 Sunday

House Dinners

Free, Kitchens, 18:00 Sunday
As a well done for competing (winning? well, we'll see...) in the Sports Day, your Pastoral Warden and Hall Seniors will be cooking up dinner in your kitchen

Bar Trip

Free, Reception, 19:00 Sunday
We're heading on a Wilson night out to one of our favourite London Bars.

Chinese Dinner

Freshers' Pass, Chinatown, 19:30 (18:50, Wilson) Monday
Trip to Chinatown to enjoy a Chinese feast!


Free, Social Space, 21:30 Monday
Get your vocal chords warmed up and come sing along at a KTV-style Karaoke evening!

Paddington Pub Crawl

Free (buy your own pints!), Reception, 19:00 Tuesday
No Freshers' Fortnight is complete without an old-fashioned pub crawl: we'll be seeking out the cheapest locals in the area to sample from.


Free, Social Space, 19:00 Wednesday
Lots of different ice creams, fruits and iced juices to mix up and make your own milkshakes and smoothies!

Secret Cinema

Free, Social Space, 21:00 Wednesday
Secret Cinema is a relatively new trend in London that we're piggy-backing on. Our clues so far are that it's a recent blockbuster film partly filmed at Imperial...

Queensway Trip

Freshers' Pass, Reception, 19:00, Thursday
2 hours of Ice Skating (rental included) at the local Ice Rink. We did this with the Hall Seniors a few days ago, so we're all now pro's (Ok, maybe not...) but can help you get around if you've never been before!

Freshers' Dinner

Freshers' Pass, Freshers' Pass Lite, or £25, Queen's Tower Rooms, 18:45 for 19:30, Friday
As a final celebration of your first two weeks at University, we have a formal dinner planned in the Queen's Tower Rooms of College. Sparkling reception will start at 18:45 and dinner served at 19:30. Choose your menu through eWilson before Tuesday 6th October.

Casino Night

Free, Social Space, 19:00 Saturday
James Bond always manages a win, but can you? Play for points (points means prizes...)

Regular Events

Events aren't only in Freshers'! We hold regular events throughout the year; free and paid.

Wilson Facilities

Find out about Wilson facilities here for you to use and enjoy in the Hall

Freshers' Fortnight

You're only a Fresher once! But it will be enjoyable... Find out all about Wilson House Freshers' events.