The fun doesn't stop at Freshers' Fortnight, we have lots of things planned for the whole year!

Wilson House runs a wide range of free and subsidised events throughout the year - something for everyone. To make sure you get involved, join the facebook group, check your College emails for event notifications, and your eyes peeled for posters around the Hall!

Indian Food Night

Every so often, we'll buy in takeaway food for everyone from a local Indian restaurant in Paddington for everyone to enjoy.

Theatre Trips

These are one of the few things which aren't free, but subsidised (and enjoyed) by many! We go to whatever's popular and has good, cheap tickets.

Pool Competitions

Run in the hall in the Games Room, we can run an ongoing tournement to see who's the best player in Wilson...

Running Club

For all the Sunday-morning earlyrisers, the running club is a good way to stay fit and healthy!

Sunday Breakfast

A mixture of continental and cooked breakfasts on Sunday mornings, at 11am served in the Social Space.

Christmas Dinner

There is always the option (if there is the demand) to hold a Christmas Dinner either in Wilson or at a local hotel/restaurant.

Easter Party

The Easter Party has traditionally been done in the hall and is one final celebration before the hard-work and revision really kick in pre-Summer term.

Chinese Food Night

We can order in Chinese takeaway from a local restaurant either for a food night in summer, and/or to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Summer Party

Similar to the Easter party, except when everything is done - this is a chance to say goodbye to Wilson and people you've met here!

Summer BBQs

If weather permits, hopefully we will be able to reintroduce BBQs onto the schedule for academic year 2015-16.

Film Nights

Organised film nights (with free snacks!) take place throughout the year - particularly in Winter months.

Kebab Night

Living next to Edgware Road, it would be silly not to run a Kebab night with so many tasty takeaway restaurants literally on our doorstep.