Here you can find information about being a subwarden and other things that may be useful. You should read this before asking questions directly to the wardens. The information is divided into four main sections, and then arranged as FAQs. If you do not find the answer to your question you may want to contact the webmaster.

Additionally, do check College's Roles and Responsibilities Page that contains relevant documents for Wardens and Hall Seniors.

Being a subwarden

How big is the Wardening team?

The size of the wardening team changes considerably with the size of the hall of residence. As a rule of thumb, there should be one member of the wardening team for each 30-40 students. Usually, each hall has a warden (a senior member of staff) and a few subwardens (usually postgraduate students); some Halls (usually those that are split across multiple buildings) also have an assistant warden (usually a member of staff).

As a subwarden, what are my responsibilities?

Primarily, we have a duty of care towards the students that live in your hall of residence. This translates in being willing to help students in need at all times of day and night: if you get a call at 3am because one of your students is in hospital, you should go and make sure he is alright. You have to be approachable, so that students are happy to come to you when facing problems. Furthermore, you may be in charge of a particular part of running the hall of residence such as being in charge of events, the website, sports and more. Remember that you share all your responsibilities with other members of your team.

What does "being on duty" mean?

There should be always one member of the wardening team within the hall of residence. Each hall has a duty mobile phone, and the warden on duty should answer that phone at all hours of day and night. Duties run from 6pm to 8am on weekdays during term, and 24hrs on the weekend. There is also a vacation period duty rota. You should make sure you understand what being on duty means in the hall that you are applying to.

How should a good subwarden be?

Good subwardens have not yet been profiled under a psychological point of view. All subwardens are different! Each hall tries to keep a broad ranging team so that all students are catered for. Not all subwardens like sports, not all subwardens like clubbing. The bottom line is that you should be friendly, approachable, responsible, willing to help and you need to take the initiative when you think it's appropriate.

How much time and effort is required to be a subwarden?

It is difficult to say how much time is spent on subwarden issues: students usually need you at the oddest hours. Most subwardens would probably agree that they spend about one hour each day on hall related work. Being a subwarden does involve a lot of work and a lot of effort, particularly at times (such as on moving in week). Most of the work is fun and very rewarding.

How much holiday does a subwarden get?

Things are usually pretty flexible out of term and as long as there is a member of the wardening team within reach from the hall of residence, that is ok. On the other hand, during term time, subwardens should be around as much as possible and absences are usually only allowed for important things and work related travel. Cumulative absence during term time should never be longer than 10 days. If your research brings you to spend 4 months in a laboratory in the middle of nowhere, you should not be a subwarden. You are there for the students!

Can subwardens have a social life?

Of course! Actually, your social life will be far busier than other people. That is why being a subwarden is fun! If you do not want a social life, you should not be a subwarden.

Can I move in with my partner?

It depends :-). The partners may formally move in and be registered at the address only as long as they are registered students (at Imperial or elsewhere). There are other constraints depending on the hall, too.

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Halls of residence

How are halls of residence organised at IC?

Halls of residence are run by the Accommodation Office. Imperial College has many halls of residence: some of them are directly managed by the Accommodation Office, some others are outsourced to private companies. In general, the Accommodation Office is in charge of maintenance, cleaning, room allocation, rent collection and more. For more information on each hall of residence, you should visit the accommodation website.

How big are IC halls of residence?

Imperial College has a wide range of halls of residence. They can be as large as to contain 700 students and they can also be pretty small (50 students or so).

Are all halls of residence at South Kensington?

No - most halls are in South Kensington, but there are several halls of residence that are slightly further away. Just look at the accommodation website for details on where a hall of residence is.

Where can I find more info about each hall of residence?

For each hall of residence, you can usually find information in two places:

  • The accommodation website contains official information about each hall of residence such as cost, location, size.
  • The individual hall websites contains less official information such as events, details about the wardening and senior team and similar.

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Applications & Eligibility

When do positions become available?

Positions become available all-year-around. Generally, 10-15 positions are advertised each year. It must be said that most positions become available in May and June. If positions are not available now, just sign up for the mailing list and you will get an email when a position is advertised. There may be no availability from months at a time.

Am I eligible to be a subwarden?

Subwardens are normally registered as full-time postgraduate students and, exceptionally, registered full-time undergraduate students. This position is most suitable for postgraduate students that have more than two years to the end of their degree. More senior members of college (PostDocs and Fellows) may be more suitable for Warden or Assistant Warden positions. Subwardens are required to spend most of their time at Imperial College and should think of being a subwarden as a medium/long term commitment (2/3 years). Note that there are some restrictions in place for potential subwardens' partners - the partners may formally be registered at the address only as long as they are registered students.

How long does the application take?

Usually we try to an make a decision within a couple of weeks from the deadline. In general, it takes us a week or so to read and evaluate all the applications we receive. The date for the interview is usually scheduled within a week or so from the date when applications are closed. After the interview, you should expect to receive a positive or negative response within a few days. Once you get your position, your starting date may be negotiated with the rest of the wardening team.

How does the selection process works?

Once you apply (either online or using good old paper), we evaluate all applications and call a few candidates for an interview. Usually, the day for interviews is set ahead of time so that you know before you apply (keep that date free!). If you are invited for an interview, you will get a chance of taking a look at the hall of residence you are applying for and you will also meet the rest of the team. The interview itself usually lasts 20-30 minutes, and the panel usually includes the warden and assistant warden from the hall you are applying to, a warden from another hall and a member of the Union (usually a sabbatical officer). You will normally hear back after one or two days.

What if I am not selected? Do I get anymore chances?

Yes - most successful candidates get their position upon their second application (first one counts as practice). You should keep in mind that most teams look for people to fill in a "weak area" of their own team. If you are rejected, it could be because that wardening team was not looking for your type of personality. Try again and you may be lucky. Never take a rejection as a bad thing! You can always ask for feedback.

Can I change halls once I become a subwarden?

Once you start being a subwarden in one hall, you make a committment with that hall. You should avoid applying for other positions once you receive and accept another offer. However, noone stops you climbing up the ladder. If you want to become an Assistant Warden somewhere else, you can.

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