Yanli Kuang

YanliHi Everyone

My name is Yanli and I am a third year materials science and engineering student.
I am from China. As an international student, I understand starting to live in a new country is not easy at the beginning. I have gone through that process and bumped into some obstacles as well. If any of you has questions, feel free to knock my door. I am living in Mezzanine floor room 30.

I strongly recommend you to explore various societies in Imperial. I found out my favourite which is rifle shooting and horse riding through trying. Also, you can go out to explore London. After living here for two years, I cannot say I understand London fully. There are still a lot of amazing things to see.

You might find me often in the kitchen. Cooking is my another big hobby. I am mainly cooking Chinese and Japanese food. You are all welcome to come and try my cooking. I enjoy people eating my cooking.
I am looking forward to see you all and hope you have a great year in Tizard.