Harvinder Power

harvinder-250x330Hi everyone!

First and foremost, welcome to Tizard, the best hall!

I’m Harvinder and I’m in my second year of studying Medicine. After having an awesome first year in Tizard, I’m looking forward to another fantastic year! I originally come from Wolverhampton, a town in the West Midlands, so I understand it must be daunting moving to the big city, but have no fear, South Kensington is an incredible place to live!

My hobbies include being a member of the University of London Officer Training Corps, think cadets at university, which provides military and adventurous training. I love to talk about it, especially about my recent sailing experience in Denmark! I enjoy going to the gym, and you’ll probably see me often at Ethos. I also love films and playing Call of Duty on the PS3 in the common room!

I would encourage all of you to get stuck in and embrace university life, give everything a go, and make the most of it! If you ever want a chat, my door is always open.

I look forward to meeting you all!