Meet the Wardening Team

David Payne (Warden, 5th Floor)

David PayneDavid is the Warden of Selkirk and lives in Hall with his wife Galina and two sons, Sasha and Tomas. David is a Senior Lecturer in Materials, but is a chemist by training who mainly works in the area of physics! Galina is also a Lecturer at Leicester University working on press freedom and democracy. David is a major rugby fan, supporting the Ospreys and the greatest ever team, Wales. He thinks of himself as friendly and approachable but also takes pride in reminding students of the various College disciplinary procedures.


  Claudia Gasparrini (Subwarden, 1st Floor)

ClaudiaClaudia is a third year PhD student in the Centre for Nuclear Engineering in the Materials Department, she is Italian and got her degree at Padua University. She loves meeting new people, travelling and doing new experiences and before moving to London for her PhD she studied in Sweden for her master’s degree. She is very chatty and her favorite hobbies are dining, dancing and trying new places around London so feel free to ask her for any tips!



  Stephanie Reynolds (Subwarden, 2nd Floor)


Hi and welcome to Imperial! I’m Steph, a PhD student in the Electrical Engineering department. I also did my undergraduate at Imperial, so I was in your shoes once (too many years ago to mention)! I know from experience that first year at Imperial can be really exciting but also stressful at times, so feel free to stop by my room for a chat if you want to talk something through. In my spare time I like to learn languages, play sports (badly) and explore London. I’ve been a student here long enough to find some great student deals (I once got second row opera tickets for £10), so let me know if you want some tips! I look forward to meeting you all soon!

 Matt Jackson (Subwarden, 4th Floor)

MattMatt is a long serving imperial student, having done his undergraduate at imperial before barrelling straight in to a PhD. A Northern lad by birth, after five years in London you might not be able to tell – until he has had a bit to drink that is! He also loves his food, whether home cooking or the best London has to offer. Consequently you will often find him at ethos; swimming, running or at the gym to atone for his culinary sins.