Freshers’ Week 2016!

We have a number of exciting events planned for the forthcoming year! The main events for the first week from Selkirk Hall and Imperial College Union are listed below.

The Selkirk Fresher’s Party combo Ticket   includes entry to the Mingle (£10 single ticket ), Boat Party (£12 single ticket ), mexican dinner to Wahaca (£18 single ticket) and Bowling night (£ 7.5 single ticket ) and it costs just £35 ..which saves you 25%  ;) !!

Please note that if you are Under 18 years old then please purchase the discounted (£25) Lite Combi ticket which includes the Lite Mingle (organised by the Union as free event for under 18s ), Boat Party, Wahaca dinner and bowling night !

Tickets are ready for purchasing already!

For more information on what’s going on in the Hall, check out our Facebook group.

Below is a timetable of the Fresher’s Fortnight! Some events may change slightly closing to Move in Day! :)

Week 1

Saturday 1st 8.00 – 18:00: Moving in Day!
18:00: Welcome talk (compulsory) – TBC
19:00: Welcome Pizza (LG and common room) – Free!
20:00: Southside Welcome Party (Social Space) – Free!
Sunday 2nd 11:00: Breakfast – Free!
12:00: Walking tour of area
15:00: Southside BBQ (Princes Gardens) – Free!
19:00: Mingle! (Union) – Included in Selkirk Fresher’s Party combo Ticket
Monday 3rd 18:00: Ice Cream Trip – Free!
Tuesday 4th 17:00: Predrinks and Pizza – Free!
19:00: Southside Boat Party (River Thames!) – Included in Selkirk Fresher’s Party combo Ticket
Wednesday 5th 20:00: Southside Pub Quiz – Free!
21:00: Sportsnight @ Union
Thursday 6th 19:00:  Salsa Class – Free!
20:00: Mexican Party– Free!
Friday 7th 19:00: Fresher’s Ball (Metric, FiveSixEight and Union Bar) tickets available here

Week 2

Saturday 8th 14:00: Cycling tour
18:00: Dinner @ Wahaca – Included in Selkirk Fresher’s Party combo Ticket
Sunday 9th 11:00: Breakfast – Free!
12:00: Sports at Hyde park
20:00: B@1 cocktails
Monday 10th 20:00: Selkirk Bake Off– Free!
Tuesday 11th 19:00: Bowling –  Included in Selkirk Fresher’s Party combo Ticket
Wednesday 12th 21:00: Sportsnight @ Union
Thursday 13th 20:00: Cinema night – Free!
Friday 14th TBC