Meet the Seniors

Diego Vargas Ortiz (Lower Ground Floor)

HELLO EVERYONE ! My name is Diego and this will be my 2nd year at Imperial studying Chemistry.I was in Selkirk last year as a fresher and had the best of times.Come round LG76 anytime if you have any worries or just want to say hello.

When I’m not purifying crystals in the lab I can be found playing tennis, skipping rope, house crawling or cooking. Do GET INVOLVED!…. in all the hall events and Imperial societies (specially tennis) they are one of the best things about coming to University.

Congratulations for making it here, I hope we all have an amazing year together!


Alice Robinson (Mezzanine Floor)

Hey everyone, I’m Alice and for those of you lucky enough to live on Mez, I’m your hall senior for this year!! Having lived in Beit Hall for my first two years at Imperial, it’s my first year in Selkirk too so let’s make it a great one. If you ever want to find me, I can usually be found working super hard on my Materials with Nuclear Engineering degree in the RSM, at the Union/Slug or in M78 right at the end of the corridor. Finally congratulations on choosing a fantastic university and for making it here. Plz get involved with everything you can and make sure you make the most of your time here.

P.S. The M kitchen better stay nice and clean and tidy, Alice is sad if there’s nowhere to do her washing up 🙁

Enrico Manfredi-Haylock (Second Floor)

Welcome, and well done for choosing Selkirk! I’m Enrico, your friendly 2nd floor senior (but I also go by Enrique or Rico among other names). I’m in my third year of Materials, and I’m into everything tech, so talk to me about computers, rockets, Elon Musk, and plastics. I can also more or less hold my own in philosophy, physics and politics (and mixtures thereof) so feel free to test me at any point!

I’m here to ensure that over this year you get the most cringe-inducing puns and dankest memes this side of campus, as well as facilitating the best possible experience of our wonderful Halls! I had the privilege of staying in Southside in my first year, and it’s made me some of the very best memories and friends of my life. I hope that this year, you’ll have the same experience, if not better!

If you have any questions, you can come to me any time: my door is always open wherever I may be. Even when my room door is locked electronically it is still open in spirit!

Deniz Ak (Third Floor)

Hi! My name is Deniz and I’m a 3rd year medical student. Welcome to the best halls in the world. I absolutely loved my time at Selkirk and I know you will too. I’m a massive lover of sports and gym so you’ll see me living at Ethos, as well as the Imperial based hospitals. Come and find me, hopefully not in A&E and I will be happy to help out with anything.Most importantly, I will help you make the most out of your time in halls.

Much love, Deniz ♥

Sarthak Kumar (Fourth Floor)

Hi! My name is Sarthak and this will be my second year in Selkirk. I’m super excited to be back – and even more excited to welcome you all to halls! Congratulations for getting into Imperial, by the way! I’m a 3rd year in Computing – and so will either be slaving away in the Computing labs or in room 467. 

Drop by if you need someone to talk to – and I hope you enjoy the Selkirk Hall experience!