Meet the Seniors

Enrico Manfredi-Haylock (Lower Ground Floor)

Welcome, and well done for choosing Selkirk! I’m Enrico, your friendly LG floor senior (but I also go by Enrique or Rico among other names). I’m in my third year of Materials, and I’m into everything tech, so talk to me about computers, rockets, Elon Musk, and plastics. I can also more or less hold my own in philosophy, physics and politics (and mixtures thereof) so feel free to test me at any point!

I’m here to ensure that over this year you get the most cringe-inducing puns and dankest memes this side of campus, as well as facilitating the best possible experience of our wonderful Halls! I had the privilege of staying in Southside in my first year, and it’s made me some of the very best memories and friends of my life. I hope that this year, you’ll have the same experience, if not better!

If you have any questions, you can come to me any time: my door is always open wherever I may be. Even when my room door is locked electronically it is still open in spirit!


Yannis Panagis (First Floor)

Chun Yiu (Second Floor)

Tomas Mrazek (Third Floor)

Alexandra Brochoire (Fourth Floor)