Meet the Seniors

Enrico Manfredi-Haylock (Lower Ground Floor)

Welcome, and well done for choosing Selkirk! I’m Enrico, your friendly LG floor senior (but I also go by Enrique or Rico among other names). I’m in my final year of Materials, and I’m into everything tech, so talk to me about computers, rockets, Elon Musk, and plastics. I can also more or less hold my own in philosophy, physics and politics (and mixtures thereof) so feel free to test me at any point!

I’m here to ensure that over this year you get the most cringe-inducing puns and dankest memes this side of campus, as well as facilitating the best possible experience of our wonderful Halls! I had the privilege of staying in Southside in my first year, and it’s made me some of the very best memories and friends of my life. I hope that this year, you’ll have the same experience, if not better!

If you have any questions, you can come to me any time: my door is always open wherever I may be. Even when my room door is locked electronically it is still open in spirit!

Yannis Panagis (First Floor)

Hi and welcome to the great Selkirk and to Imperial! My name is Yannis and I am a second-year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student. Aside from EEE, I love to run and write music so if you ever fancy going for a run in Hyde Park, want to jam or talk about music, I live on the first floor. Feel free to come by whenever, even if it’s just to say hi!

I made some of my best memories last year in Selkirk with some unforgettable friends and amazing people. This year I hope we all get to do the same thing all over! 

Chun Yu Yiu (Second Floor)

Hi! My name is Chun Yu and I am a third year undergraduate studying aeronautical engineering. I am the 2nd floor hall senior for this academic year. Born and raised in Hong Kong, I have been through the hardships of moving to a new country and a brand new environment so if you experience any difficulties settling in, please do not hesitate to have a chat with me, even if you’re not living on the 2nd floor. 

Hobbies…from my undergraduate course you probably guessed that I love planes. That’s right! Why? Well, don’t you find it fascinating how a lump of metal (well carbon fibre nowadays) can “float” around in the skies and bring you to different countries around the world? 

Apart from planes, I also love food…who doesn’t? I spend my weekends in search of a restaurant to remember, yet affordable on a student budget. Unfortunately, after two years, I still have yet to find one. So if you come across any during your time at Imperial, please let me know. 

Anyways, looking forward to meeting you guys!

Tomas Mrazek (Third Floor)

Kid Tom loved watching rocket launches. Even smaller kid Tom loved building various contraptions out of lego and then destroying them. My point is, I’m not sure if I enjoy building flying stuff or blowing it up. But in a way a flying rocket is just a controlled explosion in a tube, so it’s okay. I think it’s called controlled chaos. Now I hope to make my dream come true, while not being quite sure what the dream is. I guess ultimately it’s just to have fun.

Alexandra Brochoire (Fourth Floor)

As a second year chemist, I’ve realised studying has 4 stages.
Chemis-try, chemis-why,chemis-cry and chemis-bye…
But chemistry is also why I get to be your hall senior this year! 🙂
As a cocktail of different countries, I’m happy to talk about anything that includes dogs, Eurovision, ballet and dogs. 
On a more serious note, I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and of course, make living on fourth floor memorable! Feel free to come and talk with me at any time, whether you have specific questions or just want to have a chat 😀