Who else is here to help?

Moving away from home, potentially in a new country, can be hard. Find out where to get support if you feel you need it!

The most important thing to realise is that everyone at Imperial wants you to succeed, and that no-one will seek to discriminate you in any way. You should talk to whoever you feel most comfortable to, but there are a lot of options and a lot of people to help you. Nothing is too big, or too small. Please do not suffer in silence: tell someone if there is an issue. Even if you tell the “wrong” person, they will still be able to help you and redirect you to the correct place.

 Who is there, in brief?

The College has a wide range of support services. Starting in Halls, you have the Duty Warden. The Warden and Assistant Warden can also be contacted at all times. In your department, you will be assigned at least one Tutor, and the department will have a Senior Tutor and a Directory of Student Support and Head of Department. The NHS College Healthcentre works closely with the support services within the College, namely the Disability Advisory Service, the College Tutors and the Counselling Service. The Union (ICU, not its constituent unions – CGCU/ICSMSU/RCSU/RSMU) provides a trained advisor in its Advice Centre.There are also a number of logistical support services, such as the Student Hub and Registry.

Where should I go?

The answer to this question depends very much on your exact situation, and who you feel most comfortable talking to. No-one will force you to go to a specific service; it is completely up to you. The Wardening Team will be available any time you need to discuss any issue you may be having, and to advise you on a possible route of action, and to try help (if you wish) remedy any situation. You can, of course, go straight to any internal College or external Charity support service without going through the Wardening team too. It is completely up to you. Google “support services Imperial College” to find out lots and lots of information from across the College: this page is only the beginning. Below is a list of other key services.

Student Counselling Service
Imperial College Health Centre
Advice Centre
Disability Advisory Service
Personal Tutors
College Tutors
Student Hub
Student Support Fund