Hall Seniors

These are Imperial undergraduate students who loved halls so much they decided to come back for another year. They organise events, answer questions and ensure that settling in and having fun in your first year is as easy as possible.


Hello everyone, my name is Stepan and I am a second year Aerospace Materials student from the Czech Republic. You can see me out and about, either biking on my rusty bike to uni, attending bridge club or struggling with Mandarin. Something that you can’t let me down on is basketball, because the interhall championship this year is bound to be won by Pembridge!
This is my second year at Pembridge, following last year full of exciting events during which I made lifelong memories. I am keen to make sure you will have an amazing time here but, for now, all you need to know is that you chose the right hall, gather a lot of energy over the holidays and get ready for the action!


Hello guys, I’m Elfie, a third year Chemist! My nationality is French but I have mostly lived overseas (Chile and Singapore). I was in Pembridge during my first year and I loved it, that’s why I am coming back: to make sure you’ll have as much fun as I did! I am part of the Culinary society of Imperial, so don’t be surprised if you see random cakes laying in the kitchen with an “Eat me” label on them. I love baking and I love to share what I bake. You will always find me hanging around the kitchen if you want to chat, to drink tea or to go out for a walk. I am very excited to meet you all very soon!


Hi there, my name’s Omar and I’m a second year EEE student. (That’s Electrical and Electronic Engineering if you’re unsure). This year will be my first in Pembridge but I’m really excited to live here with you guys. I’ve lived in London for all my life so don’t hesitate to come and ask me about things to do, but if you want to know who to get somewhere south of the Thames I probably won’t be able to help, sorry. If I’m not in Pembridge you’ll likely find me in the union preparing for the next show or gig that I work on so if you’re interested in making lights strobe on people or breaking ear drums with low frequency sounds definitely come and have a chat. Till then, have a great summer and see you in October.”


Hi everyone! My name is Sara and I’m a third year Chemical Engineering student from Spain. I enjoy swimming, reading, art and exploring London- there’s always new things to see! I’m very excited about being a hall senior and want to make your time in halls as fun as mine was. Anything you need or questions you might have just drop by my room, I’m always up for a chat and a cup of coffee. See you soon!


Hi! I’m Meryl a second-year Physicist. I was at Pembridge in my first year and am back for more! Apart from Physics and more Physics, I occasionally watch films and stuff. I’m a committee member of Imperial FilmSoc and occasionally write for Felix(Imperial’s newspaper) in the film section. Other than that I also love wandering around London and going to anything free – we are students after all. If you ever want to chat/need anything/want to rant about the Imperial workload, my door’s always open. Looking forward to meeting you all in October and helping make your first year amazing!


14191726_326982420970886_725986711_oHello! I’m Cloe, a second-year student in Materials Sciences (with Stepan), and returning for a second year in Pembridge. I was born in Russia, raised in France, and studying in the UK, feel free to come to me so if you’re trying to learn either Russian or French. I’m also the Social Secretary on the Ju-Jitsu committee: they are a very nice crew, so don’t feel shy and do come to taster sessions! Last year Pembridge had a very nice community, and I’m pretty sure I have made life-long friends here. I hope for all of you to experience an amazing time with us. Do come and knock on my door if anything troubles you, I would be more than happy to help make your time here easier 🙂