The Wardens

PembridgeFunPhoto2016The Wardening team are here for your safety, wellbeing, and discipline – but also to make sure that the Hall runs smoothly and you have an enjoyable first year at university.

The wardens are here for you and because of you, so don’t hesitate to approach anyone of us for help or when you see us in the hall.

What exactly are the Wardens here for? The Wardens act as your first port of call for help and support for any matters relating to life in halls and to university life in general. We are also in charge of making sure the hall environment is conducive to study and living, and so will make sure that Pembridge is sufficiently clean and quiet, particularly during night time. Together with the Hall Seniors, we organise social activities and events to help you to settle in, get to know one another and have fun in halls.

The wardens are on call every evening from 18:00 – 08:00 and throughout the weekend and holidays. Make sure that the duty number and email are in your address book.

Weekday Warden’s Surgery. You can also find us in the warden’s office on the ground floor next to the main entrance every weekday from 19:00 – 19:30 where you can collect your post, rent out mattresses and other items, and talk to us about any issues.

There is also a lot of other support available at Imperial College for many of the problems you may encounter – please have a look at the Support page. Remember that there are a lot of options and a lot of people to help you. Nothing is too big, or too small. Please do not suffer in silence: tell someone if there is an issue. We want you to succeed and are here to help you.

MarkoMarko — The Warden

Marko is the Warden here at Pembridge, as well as Parsons House and Alban. He hails from Croatia and works with computers. You may also see his wife, Ana, and daughters Dora and Lira around the halls – all are very friendly and always ready for a chat. With Dora, though, you won’t get an opportunity to say many words, because she doesn’t stop talking (mostly in Croatian). Marko likes Ana’s food, a glass of wine, sports and talking to people. He also likes tidy and smiley students – make sure you’re one.

Abi — Assistant Warden

Abi is a final year PhD student in the Materials Science department, studying metallurgy. This just means she heats up metal and hits in in very particular ways. Besides the unhealthy obsession with metal, she enjoys playing music and has a wide collection of instruments. She can regularly be seen on or near a stage, taking part in musical theatre productions and watching shows in the West End. Abi is a baking enthusiast, both making and consuming, so grab her for a slice cake and a chat.

Matt — Subwarden

Matt is a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry working on sustainable hydrogen generation from water. He is a keen sportsman who loves the great outdoors, whether that is hiking, fishing, camping or just having a stroll through Hyde Park. Feel free to ask him for info on some great treks in and around London and make sure to share your own! As a massive baseball enthusiast you can often find him waxing lyrical about his favourite sport to anyone and everyone and on the weekends throwing the ball around in the park. Apart from sports he is also a massive film aficionado so grab the popcorn and join him for a film sometime!

Stav – Subwarden

Stav is a first year PhD student at the Theoretical Physics group. Her research involves scribbling connect-the-dots graphs and staring out of the window thinking about the universe. She lived in Pembridge for two years as an undergraduate and is very happy to return this year to the place she calls home. In her free time Stav loves reading books, listening to live music and going for walks. She also loves drinking tea and talking to people, so come join her for a cuppa and a chat.