Fresher’s Fortnight 2016

Fresher’s Fortnight

picnicThe first two weeks, including the move-in weekend, are called the Freshers Fortnight. It is packed with various events organized by the Wardening Team, your Department, and the Imperial College Union. It includes various dinners, tours, welcome talks, etc.

The idea is to get together, have fun, and meet new people. We hope you enjoy all of the events going on around Imperial. For more information on college-wide activities click here.

Many of the Freshers’ Fortnight events organized by the Wardening Team are either heavily subsidized or free. More details about the events, tickets, and payments will be become available on our website in due course. We strongly encourage that you attend most of the events, as the Freshers Fortnight is an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of colleagues, many of whom will become your lifelong friends.

Fresher's Fortnight Events
Date Time Event
Sat 1 Oct 10:00 – 17:00 Move-In Day
17:00 Icebreakers
18:00 Welcome Talk
19:00 Curry
20:00 Notting Hill Invasion – local treasure hunt
Sun 2 Oct 10:30 Breakfast
13:15 Walk to Imperial
18:00 Imperial Outdoor Cinema
19:00 Imperial College Union (ICU) Mingle
Mon 3 Oct 17:30 IKEA Trip
Tue 4 Oct 11:00 – 16:00 Fresher's Fair – If you’d like to join a club or society this is the day to sample what Imperial has to offer
18:00 Boat Party
Wed 5 Oct 19:00 ICU Clubs; Societies and Projects (CSP) Wednesdays
20:00 Games Night
Wed 6 Oct 19:00 Chinese dinner
Fri 7 Oct 20:00 ICU Freshers' Ball
Sat 8 Oct 11:00 Portobello Market
Sun 9 Oct 10:30 Breakfast in Games Room
14:00 Hyde Park Games
Tue 11 Oct 11.30 – 14:00 Volunteering Fair – If you're looking to get involved in some volunteering during your time at Imperial check out the volunteering fair
Wed 12 Oct 19:00 ICU CSP Wednesdays
20:00 Games Night
Sat 15 Oct 19:00 International Food
Sun 16 Oct 10:30 Breakfast in Games Room

It’s not over with the Fresher’s Fortnight – make sure to check some info about our other events and get involved in the Hall Committee.