Living in Pembridge



The post is delivered using either the pigeon holes in front of the warden’s office or during warden’s surgery. To receive e-mail post alerts you need to be registered on ePembridge.
To receive post, use the following address:
Your Name, Your Room Number
28-32 Pembridge Gardens
Pembridge Hall
W2 4DX, London
(If you use a variation of the name we have in the system, make sure to include your room number)


Please do your best to keep the kitchen clean: it is not a cleaner’s responsibility to do your washing up & clearing away.
Cleaners will put utensils left on surfaces in the kitchens into the green bins provided (others are for rubbish). You are welcome to retrieve your lost items from the green bins.
Green bins are emptied regularly! If you leave your stuff in them too long they will be emptied and thrown out. The College takes no responsibility for loss of utensils.
Please be considerate to residents living near kitchens and dining rooms and keep noise to a minimum between 11pm and 8am.


We have a noise control policy between 11pm and 8am, throughout the hall. This means common rooms and kitchen too. You should be considerate to other residents, and should be receptive to feedback from your neighbors.

Rubbish and Recycling

Your room will be cleaned on a regular basis. If you need or want to empty the rubbish bin in your room on the off days, then it is your responsibility to take the rubbish out to the designated bins located in the front of house 32.

Reuse and Recycle. Imperial is committed to reducing waste and all throughout college you’ll find recycling bins all throughout campus; Halls are no exception. Please help us by sorting your recycling correctly. There is a dedicated recycling bin outside house 32 too.

Green Dry mixed recycling – glass, cans, tins, hard plastics
Red Glass – domestic
Blue Paper and card
Black General waste
By reusing or recycling we are:
Contributing to the conservation of natural resources
Saving energy
Helping to protect the environment
Reducing landfill
For more information go to the estates facilities web page.


Games and the Game room

We have a selection of games, movies, and series (DVD) you can borrow during warden surgery. There are pool and table-tennis tables available in the games room.

Guests and Overnight guests

You are allowed to have guests stay over (except during Freshers week)  for a maximum of 3 days in a week. You will need to fill out an ‘Overnight Guests Request’ form which is available on epembridge, if they are staying overnight.

You are responsible for your guests’ behaviour. The consequences of any damage or nuisance will be borne by you, including fines and/or community service.

If you are in a twin room, please be considerate and ask your roommate if it’s alright with them first.