Wardens and Hall Seniors

The role of the wardening team is to look after the pastoral, social and disciplinary aspects of the Hall, while the rooms, fixtures and fittings are looked after by the housekeeping team. Room allocations are made by the Student Accommodation Office in South Kensington Campus.


Marko – Warden

MarkoMarko is the warden of three halls – Pembridge and Parsons. He hails from Croatia and works with computers. Marko lives in Pembridge with his wife, Ana, and daughters Dora and Lira. There is a lot to juggle between work, family and running three halls of residence! But there is always time for the residents if you’ve got any anything on your mind or fancy a drink.

Marko likes Ana’s food, a glass of wine, sports and talking to people. He also likes tidy and smiley students – make sure you’re one!



Lavanya – Assistant Warden

lavanya_webLavanya’s the Assistant Warden here at Parsons.  She spent her teenage years in the States, but returned to London to study for a degree in psychology.  She now works as a postdoctoral researcher on a clinical trial, having recently complete a PhD in mental health services research.  She doesn’t get much down time but when she does she spends it creating elaborate cakes and art pieces, as well as travelling.  Lavanya’s experience working in various therapeutic settings has meant that she’s met some amazing people with equally amazing stories to tell.  She’s a great listener and always up for coffee if you fancy a chat!


Paola – Subwarden

Paola is the Subwarden at Parsons. She was born and raised in Mexico and moved to London to study her masters. She is currently doing her PhD at Imperial in Chemical Engineering. She is a very approachable person and can speak fluently in 4 different languages (English, Spanish, German and French). She is passionate about sports, fashion, food and travelling. She has been living in the area for a while, so if you are looking for a place in particular do not hesitate to ask her.

Hall Seniors
Iza and Gregor

Iza – Hall Senior

This is Iza. She’s a very enthusiastic fourth-year physicist, who can be distracted from physics by almost nothing. Well, except for the climbing, cooking, and the occasional cute guy. She’s a coffee connoisseur (read: addict), but that does mean she knows all the best coffee shops in the 1-mile radius of wherever she is. Baking is another of her passions, she follows her grandmother’s secret recipes and is more and more afraid that she’s slowly turning into her grandmother. She is also a keen traveller but likes to keep it low-budget (and since I’m a big spender, this can lead to a bit of fun). Last, but not least, she is also a very dear friend of mine and a very sweet person. So, you will be in good hands here at Parsons.

Gregor – Hall Senior

This is Gregor. Your ultimate London tour guide and tube enthusiast. Do you want to know how to get from Hammersmith to Camden Town? He is the person to ask. You will find a dozen possibilities, optimal at a certain time of a specific day. A bit confusing, I know, but don’t worry he is probably more than happy to join you. In that case, be warned! Walking around for hours and ending up in a consuming conversation is inevitable. From a TED talk on freedom of speech to the latest episode of Drag Race he has an opinion on everything and will amaze you with his “wisdom” again and again. One of his soft spots is classical music.  On the side, he is a fourth-year chemist, the best dancing partner on a night out you can wish for and last but not least, one of my closest friends. If in need of a good listener, a sarcastic comment and down to earth advice, he’s the person for the job. Ok let’s be honest. His word of advice is probably going to be a quote taken from the latest Netflix show he (binge) watched and will most certainly make you laugh your heart out. I cannot guarantee that the laughter will ever stop in his company.