Welcome to Linstead Hall! If you are moving into Linstead Saturday 1st October, be sure to do the following now:

(1) Read the Welcome Letter

(2) Join the acebook group.

(3) Strongly consider buying a Linstead Hall Events Pass for the Freshers Fortnight.

(4) Register on eLinstead BEFORE arriving so that you can receive your keys (IC username/password).

Also, find out more about the wardens and hall seniors at Linstead, how to find the hall, the hall rules, and other common questions you may have before moving in day!


Linstead is an undergraduate hall of residence at Imperial College London located in the picturesque setting of Princes Gardens. The hall is run by a team of wardens and fun-loving hall seniors. We also have an elected hall committee that plays an integral role in organising events and making Linstead a fun place to live and study. We hope you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to live at Linstead.


Move-in day is Saturday 1st October between 09:30-16:00. Be sure to do the following now:

(1) Read the Welcome Letter

(2) Join the acebook group.

(3) Strongly consider buying a Linstead Hall Events Pass for the Freshers Fortnight.

(4) Register on eLinstead BEFORE arriving so that you can receive your keys (IC username/password).


Further event information can be found at the acebook group.

The Wardens

The Wardens play a big part in hall life by supporting you if you have any personal problems, dealing with emergencies and disciplinary matters (see hall rules), and ensuring that the hall runs smoothly.

Dan Balint


Welcome to Imperial! My name is Dan Balint; I am the warden of Linstead Hall and a Reader in Solid Mechanics in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. I live in the warden's flat on level 5 with my lovely wife Clare, daughter Cecily (CeCe) and son Jesse.

I am from the States; grew up near Detroit, Michigan, attended Michigan State University for my undergraduate studies in Engineering Mechanics, then moved east to Cambridge, Massachusetts for a master's degree in Applied Mathematics and PhD in Engineering Sciences at Harvard, then further east to the original Cambridge for a post-doc in the same field, followed by a brief interlude in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a consultant and finally to Imperial where I have been for the last 10 years.

Apart from research, teaching and wardening, all of which I enjoy very much, I like photography, going to art museums, traveling, reading books, listening to music, watching baseball and rugby, listening to cricket, eating delicious food and the pursuit of a good night of sleep. I am here for you, so don't hesitate to stop by or approach me when you see me in hall. I wish you a very happy and successful year!

Nils Roenner


Hi everyone, and welcome to Linstead Hall! I am Nils, PhD student in Mechanical Engineering. I do research which involves burning a lot of plastic! I am originally from Germany but have also lived in Japan and America when I was little. I have spent my whole academic life here at Imperial but I still remember what it was like to start here as a fresher. In my spare time I enjoy doing sports, eating good food, and when I have the time also travelling. I hope you all have a great year here and if you want to have a chat feel free to stop by. I look forward to meeting you!

Onome Oyibo


Hey everyone and welcome to Linstead Hall. My name is Onome. I am originally from London so I know the cool spots in this awesome city. So I completed my undergrad in chemical engineering also at Imperial and now I am doing an MSc in Computer Science. In my free time I love to play sports, mainly basketball and football. I also like cooking, travelling and chilling in the sun when it’s out. Imperial is such a diverse place with amazing people and new experiences and I hope your halls experience is every bit as awesome as it was for me. If you ever want to talk about anything feel free to knock on my door for a chat. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Julianna Panidi


Hello everyone and welcome to Linstead Hall! I am Julianna and I am pursuing my PhD in the field of Organic Electronics. I am from Greece, where I grew up in Athens, but my origin is from a small island called Ithaca. I completed my undergrad in Material Science in Greece and my postgrad in Physics in Paris. My hobbies are dancing, cooking, long walks, swimming, travelling and cycling. I am looking forward to meeting you all and don't hesitate to ask me everything you want! Have a pleasant stay at Linstead! :)

The Hall Seniors

Hall Seniors are students who have already lived in Imperial halls, chosen by the wardening team to carry out various roles to keep the hall going. Linstead Hall has 8 Hall Seniors. You can knock on their doors for anything and they will be more than happy to help.

Madison Borghini

Hey everyone! Welcoooommme to Imperial College and to its most amazing hall of residence: Linstead!!! I am Madison, second year Mathematician. I come from sunny South of France. I love all kinds of sports, especially tennis; you will often see me at the Ethos Sports Centre or running around Hyde Park, so don’t hesitate and come along! Because of my strong fighting spirit I intend to make Linstead the most athletic and competitive hall ever, and I need all of you to join in the sport challenges we are going to organize against the other halls!!! Of course, if you hate sports there will be so many other activities planned by our team, so don’t worry, just enjoy. Also being typically French I love chatting around a glass of wine (and eating smelly French cheese). So if you feel lonely, want to talk, have a good time, come and knock on my door, I have a permanent supply!! I really look forward to meeting you all and help make this new year unforgettable for you new Linsteadians!

Max Munford

Hello there everyone, I’m Max, 3rd year Mechanical Engineer and 3rd year Linsteadian. Living in Linstead as a fresher and being a hall senior last year has made my time at Imperial the great experience it has been and I hope that the rest of the hall senior team and I can help to make your time the best it can be! We’ve got lots of events, trips and the infamous gourmet Sunday Brunch for you to look forward to. I play a lot of music, love jazz, enjoy a good game of squash and going for a run. South Kensington is an incredible place to live and I highly recommend getting out and about as much as you can. I’m sure I can suggest a few bars or restaurants. As the faithful team motivator and ex-captain of the ever triumphant Linstead football team, I hope you can join us in our many unforgettable and equally unmemorable performances. Linstead forever! My door is always open (room 116) if you need help with anything or just fancy a chat. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you new Linsteadians!

James Davis

Hi, I'm James, a final year Biology student. I'd like to warmly welcome you to the Linstead Hall student community. There's something for everyone here whatever your interests, be they sport, music, film or cultural. I enjoy swimming, football and my monthly gym session as well as many other sports. I'm also a member of the film society and string ensemble to name but a few. I fully encourage you to join your subject’s society as well as some of the many other clubs on offer. But do not fear, for those of you who are not into sport we plan to offer loads of other activities, including nights out and opportunities to explore London. I’m always free to have a chat on anything ranging from cells and respiration to my limited cooking ability. If you ever have any problems, no mater how small, don’t be afraid to ask.

Khawla Rammali

Hello everyone! Welcome to Linstead . My name is Khawla, and I’m a 3rd year Geophysicist from Libya. I do a lot of fieldwork as part of my course, so I am always up for exploring and travelling. If anyone has a place in mind I would be happy to help with planning. I am addicted to my TV shows and I should have at least one show in common that we can watch together and chat about. I am also a member of the Cinema club, so if you’re bored just knock on my door and we can go see a movie. My cooking isn’t the greatest, but I do love trying out new recipes and I especially love baking when I have free time. London is a great place to live, there is always so many things to do, so take advantage of your time here and see you all in in fresher’s week.

Nil Bozkurt

Hey everyone! My name is Nil, and I am a 3rd year Biochemist. Having spent a year in Linstead as a fresher, I can already tell you that you are going to be a part of one of the best communities at Imperial! It is a great, sociable place to get to know your fellow freshers and to just have a laugh with your floormates. You can be assured that the exciting range of events we have planned for you will enable you to enjoy your time at Linstead to its fullest. Don’t be afraid to come knock down my door if ever you have a problem! There's nothing a good talk, movie and chocolate can’t fix. I can not wait to meet you all and help you settle comfortably into your new home! Much Linstead Love :)

Peter Lam

Ladies and Gents, a warm welcome to Linstead! My name is Peter, doing my second year of Mechanical Engineering. I am all the way from Hong Kong, a big shout out to my fellow Asians. Having spent my last year in Linstead, I have treated it like my second home if not my first. Being a Fresher is all about having fun and exploring. I urge you to try things you haven't dared to do before, and join as many activities as you can. My room is located on the 5th/best floor. You’ll usually find me in the kitchen as I love cooking, so come look for me if you want to try some EXOTIC cuisine. I do loads of sports, from football to badminton, etc. Feel free to knock on my door and challenge me. Also, my part-time job is watching TV - you name it, I watch it, literally from Game of Thrones to K-Drama; can’t wait to meet some TV enthusiasts. Please do stop me and introduce yourself if you see me around!

James Grant

Hello all, and welcome to the best hall at Imperial! My name is James and I'm doing my fourth and final year at Imperial, studying Computing and Artificial Intelligence. No, I won't help fix your laptop.

Living at Linstead, you'll meet many great people and form strong friendships. I urge you to push your comfort zone and try new things. You never know, you might surprise yourself! Here's a personal example. I always sucked at dancing, but I went to a taster session just for the hell of it. I've now been dancing Salsa every week for two years and I'm even on the Imperial Dance Society committee!

As well as Salsa, I enjoy reading, writing, and cooking. You'll often find me in the kitchen concocting something or another. I also love binge watching TV, and writing little computer programs (I'm a total geek, but don't tell anyone 😉).

I'm in room 114, and my door is always open. Do come and say hi whenever you want, whether you need help with something, or it's just to catch up on the latest Game of Thrones. 🙂

London is a awesome. It's one of the greatest cities in the world, with so much to do. Get out there and have fun!

Christian Badhan

Welcome to Linstead! I’m Christian, reading Biomedical Science, 2nd year.

I’m into sport and anything adventurous. I also like cooking - an absolute must for living in Halls!

There’s lots on offer, so get stuck in with a club, union or society - you’ll study better, make friends, and enjoy yourself.

Also get involved with our Hall events through the year. Make it a place where you like to live and be part of the community. Linstead needs all of you!

Remember: Everyone’s in the same boat - joining Uni, living independently, etc., so make the most of the time in getting to know others.

I’m looking forward to meeting you new Linsteadians. The best days are yet to come!

Hall Rules

Full regulations are sent with your license agreement. Whilst in Halls all you agree to the following statements:

  1. I understand that my behaviour will affect my fellow residents, and I will be considerate and respectful to their feelings and lifestyles.
  2. I will not make excessive noise, which can affect our neighbours or fellow residents and I will not cause disturbance during the period from 23:00 to 08:00.
  3. I will not tamper with, or misuse any fire equipment or the alarm system. I will take care at all times to prevent accidental activation of the alarms, especially while cooking. I will evacuate the building promptly on hearing the alarm.
  4. I accept that Imperial students are not allowed to smoke in the Hall (this include e-cigarettes).
  5. I will treat Hall property, fixtures and fittings, and the property of my fellow residents with respect. I will report any damage, in whatever manner it may have been caused, to the Hall Manager at the earliest opportunity.
  6. I will not throw, or let fall, objects of any kind from the windows. I will not endanger others or myself by any of my actions.
  7. I will not enter restricted areas (e.g. back garden) or violate any safety warnings or notices.
  8. I will not use, keep or bring illegal drugs into Hall. (Please note that recently proposed adjustments in the police procedures regarding cannabis possession have no effect on the strictly enforced College policy).
  9. I agree to inform my guests of the Hall rules, and accept that I am fully responsible for their behaviour whenever they are in or around Hall.
  10. I will pay attention to security in Hall and will not allow uninvited strangers or those I do not know into Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you are at Linstead and you have a few questions. Not sure of what to do. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions and their answers:

Swipe Cards

Can I lend my swipe card to someone else?

It is very important that you do not lend your card to anyone else. Keep in mind that the card serves as both your college and student identity card as well as granting you access to college facilities such as the Library and the Sports Centre, your department and your room. Keep it with you at all times.

What can I do if I lose my swipe card?

If you lose your card, replacements can be obtained during the day from the security office in the Sherfield building; replacements will cost £10 each. If you loose your card and are unable to replace it, the security office in Weeks Hall, and the duty wardens will be able to help you get into your room.

Note: all new ID cards have to be programmed by Gabor office in order for you to have access to your room. So please take your new ID card to Gabor office for reprogramming once issued with a new one!

What can I do if the swipe card doesn’t work?

If at any time you have problems with your swipe card please contact duty warden at duty hours or contact Gabor office out of duty hours.

Wardening Team and Hall Seniors

What is the role of the wardening team?

The wardens are here to ensure that the hall runs smoothly and that any problems you encounter are addressed early. We are all well acquainted with the College and the surrounding area, and as we are all members of the academic staff of College or PhD graduate students, we know how College operates and are here to help you. There is always a warden on duty between 6pm and 8am weekdays and 24hrs over the weekend (from 6pm Friday until 8am Monday). To contact the duty warden please ring 50565 from any college phone or otherwise dial 07590250565. Outside these times (i.e. during normal working hours) it is best to contact the Hall Manager who is located in the Hall Manager’s office on the ground floor of Gabor hall on weekdays from 8am – 5pm.

What is the role of hall seniors?

These are students who have already had at least a year in residence and are here to help run the hall. Their primary role is to help the wardening team with organising events and activities.

Kitchens and Bedrooms

What do the kitchens come equipped with?

Every kitchen is equipped with cookers, ovens, refrigerators and freezers. You will have your own lockable cupboard, the keys to which will be provided.

Are the rooms and kitchens cleaned?

Your rooms will be cleaned by the cleaning staff. Kitchens will be cleaned daily, from Monday to Friday.

Will cleaners clean our dishes?

The cleaners will not do your washing-up. Any dirty crockery or cutlery will be placed in the green bins located within each kitchen. The Hall Manager will dispose of anything still in the green bins after a week.

What do the rooms come equipped with?

A typical en-suite room will include the followings: a bed, study desk, chair, wardrobe, shelving, desk lamp and curtains. There is a bathroom in every room, but the kitchen is shared with other students.

Can I put a poster up my wall?

Do not attach any tape or Blue-Tac to your walls under any circumstance, marked walls will incur a charge.

Is there an area where smoking is allowed?

The college no-smoking policy is in effect in hall and smoking is only allowed at a minimum of five meters away from the hall in Princes Gardens.

How can I report broken and damaged items?

Any defects must be reported in person or by e-mail to the hall supervisors, located in Gabor Hall. Here any small problems like a leaking sink/shower, broken desk or you require a new light bulb etc. should be reported. Imperial College Residences aim to respond to all non-emergency defects within 5 working days using a team of maintenance contractors who visit each hall on a weekly basis to deal with any non-urgent defects. Except in emergencies we will not enter your room without permission or prior arrangement. This permission will be given when you report the defect to the Hall Manager. When a contractor enters your room they will leave a ‘maintenance calling card’ which will inform you of the time of arrival/departure, description of the defect, whether the defect has been resolved or a return visit is required, and the name of the operative.

Telephone, Internet, Post

How can I connect to the internet?

The network sockets in your room are active and can be used with your computer. You need to register your computer before you will have access to the network. You can register for the Student Halls Network service as follows:

  1. Connect your computer to the network socket in your room.
  2. Switch on the computer, and open a web browser.
  3. Browse to any page (e.g. http://www.imperial.ac.uk). You will be automatically redirected to the registration pages.

You will need the following information to register:

  • Your College CID
  • A personal / College email address
  • A telephone contact number
  • Your Hall / Room no. Once registered, your Internet connection will be activated. If you require assistance or more information, dial 45500 from the telephone in your room.

How fast is the internet?

The internet connection in your room is part of the College network and so is very quick. It is more than sufficient for any work requirements you may have. Please do not use Bittorrent and similar programs. Even if you are downloading files legally, the enormous number of connections opened by Bittorrent software will overload the hall’s network server and cause connection errors to other internet users in the hall.

How can I make phone calls?

Every room is equipped with a telephone and is able to receive external calls and make calls to other Imperial numbers free of charge. The room extension is a five digit number. To call these numbers from outside of Imperial, add “+44 (0)207 85” followed by the extension. If you wish to make external calls from the internal phones you need to register with Unitel.

Where can I collect my post?

Your post will be found in the mailboxes in the foyer of the residence. Any packages or letters requiring a signature will be delivered to the security lodge in Weeks hall. Security officers will leave a note for you alerting of the presence of that letter or package.


Where can I wash my clothes?

The laundry is situated in the basement level and contains washing machines and tumble dryers. You need to pay £2 for a wash and £1 for a dry cycle. Ironing equipment is available, as well.

Why do washing machines get broken?

Please do not overload the machines. They are not designed to wash blankets, sleeping bags or training shoes. If you overload them, they break down and it can take several weeks before they are fixed.


What entertainment facilities are available in the hall?

There is a common room in the hall with a Wii and table football. In addition, we have a large social space which we share with Southside and Eastside. Weekly movie nights are held there using our state-of-the-art projector. Snacks and other nibbles are also provided on these nights. A table-tennis table is also available for use by students.

Is the hall organising any sport or social events?

We have a football team who takes part in the inter-hall tournament. Please contact Will if you would like to join it. We will also consider having other sports teams, like basketball team, depending on the interest shown by the students. If you are interested in running, Miguel will organise some runs in Hyde Park to stretch the legs. The hall organises events such as film nights, quizes, dinners, etc. The hall also runs activities outside hall such as trips to the cinema, paintballing, concerts and art galleries. There will be lots of events organised, especially during Freshers’ week. The hall promotes these excursions by subsidising entry fees. Additionally, there are 3 formal events each year. These events will require formal dress and are the major events of the year, with the majority of the hall attending. They have food, prizegiving, music and dancing. If you have any suggestions for social events, please talk to the wardening team.

Does the Hall have a Facebook Group?

Yes, it can be found in our Contact Section

Where are the nearest cash points?

The nearest cash point is located just outside Essential, on the ground floor of Wilkinson Hall. It is accessible 24/7 with your college swipe card, and is free of charge.

Where is the nearest bank?

The nearest bank is the Natwest branch situated in the lower ground floor level of Sherfield building. There is also a Santander branch on the pathway between Sherfield building and Electrical Engineering building.

Where is the nearest Sports centre?

One minute walk away from the hall you will find the new Ethos Sports centre with a gym and swimming pool which are free to use for Imperial College students. There is also a sports hall at the centre where you can play football, table tennis, basketball and badminton for a small fee.

Where is the nearest Medical centre?

You should register with the Imperial College Health Centre when you arrive, located beneath Southside, just two minutes from Linstead. Please note that international students are required to bring their passport upon registration. There is also a dentist available. The Health Centre is closed on Tuesday afternoons.

Where are the nearest shops?

Apart from Essentials, which is located within the Eastside building, other shops in the vicinity of the hall are:

  • Sainsbury’s, 112/114 Brompton Road
  • Sainsbury’s, 158A Cromwell Road
  • Marks & Spencer, 179/181 Brompton Road
  • Waitrose, 128 Gloucester Road
  • Tesco, 295/301 Brompton Road
  • Tesco, 50/52 Old Brompton Road
  • Tesco, 87/93 Gloucester Road

Security & Emergency

What do I have to do in case of fire alarm?

When the fire alarm sounds you must vacate the building and assemble in Princes Gardens, on the grass, away from the front door of Linstead to allow fire marshals access the building. Students who do not vacate the hall will be fined.

How secure is the hall?

Only residents have a swipe card activated for entering the building. If you see someone whom you do not recognise entering the hall, please ask politely if he/she is a resident. However, if for any reason you are uncomfortable about doing this or suspect something amiss, please ring the duty warden. You are fully responsible for any guests you bring into the hall and they should not wander around unaccompanied. Please ask them to ring you at the door.

Does the hall provide insurance cover for personal belongings?

Imperial College arranges basic insurance cover for students living in its halls of residence. Details have been provided in the welcome packs handed out on the first day. We should recommend that any students with particularly valuable items (computer equipment, bikes, etc) should make their own insurance arrangements.


What can I do in case of emergency?

See our emergency numbers in the Contact Sectionbelow.


Guest Policy

You are allowed to have friends round to stay but it is imperative that you let the wardening team know if anyone is staying overnight with you as for security reasons and fire regulations we must have an accurate list of those in the hall. You must register your guests by contacting a member of the wardening team.

Please contact a subwarden and inform them of your intention of having a guest. If you are in a double room, you must inform your roommate in advance as well.

Please read section 9 of Linstead Rules and section 10 of Accommodation Contract Terms and Conditions for further information.


Where is the bicycle shed?

You can store your bike at our Southside bike shed (swipe access via side gate next to Selkirk). You will need to get your swipe card activated at the hall office before you can access the shed. Alternatively, you can also use the college bike shed under the Faculty Building. Bringing your bicycle into the hall or your room is strictly forbidden.

Are we allowed to park our cars at the hall?

There is no parking space provided near the hall. We advise students not to bring a car, as parking permits in College are only issued to students in cases of disability. Parking on London streets is strictly controlled and very expensive.

What is the easiest way to travel around London?

The main two means of public transport in London are buses and the tube. Everyone travelling in London should get an Oyster card, which you can use both on the buses and on the tube. Travelling with Oyster is cheaper and you can get an Oyster card at every tube station. As a student you can also apply for a student Oyster card (you can get the form at the Registry in Sherfield building), which gives you discounts on weekly and monthly passes. To plan your journey you can use Transport for London’s Journey Planner which gives you detailed description of possible routes. For more information on travel in London visit http://www.tfl.gov.uk.

Where is the nearest tube station?

The nearest tube station is the South Kensington tube station, which is approximately 5 minutes walk from the halls.

What are the local bus routes?

From the bus stations around Imperial College you can catch buses 9, 10, 49, 70, 52 and 360. If you walk to the South Kensington station you can also catch buses 14, 74, 345, 414, 430 and C1. Night routes serving the area are N9, N10, N52, N74, N97, 14 and 345. For more information and maps visit http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tfl/gettingaround/maps/buses.

Learn More

Hall features and facilities

  • All rooms are en-suite
  • Telephone and wired internet access in all study bedrooms
  • Shared kitchens on each floor with communal fridges and freezers and individual storage cupboards
  • Specially adapted kitchens and en-suite study bedrooms for students with disabilities
  • Common room
  • WiFi internet provided in all common areas
  • Non-smoking hall
  • Individual mail boxes
  • Fully equipped laundry facilities on-site
  • All floors accessible by lift
  • Nearby free swim and gym facilities for all students
  • Secure swipe card access
  • 24-hour front entrance CCTV
  • Vending vestibule and ATM located on ground level 24-hours a day

You can take a virtual tour of the Eastside Halls here.
You can find more information on the Eastside Halls at Imperial's webpage.

Watch this video for even more information about living at Eastside.

Duty Warden

A warden is on duty and available on 07590250565 between 6pm and 8am on weekdays, and on the weekends (6pm Friday - 8am Monday).

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