The wardening team comprises the Warden and 3 Sub-Wardens. The team’s main & important roles are three-fold:

  • Providing pastoral care – Supporting you if you have any personal problems and dealing with emergencies.
  • Taking disciplinary action – Dealing with breaches of the hall’s rules (mainly making excessive noise at night.
  • Team co-ordination – working with the seniors, the committee and the hospitality manager to ensure the hall runs smoothly.

Simon O’Hanlon – 548


In addition to being the Warden of Gabor Hall, I am a PDRA in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology. My research interests lie in population genetics of the amphibian killer fungus Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis (Bd for short!).

When I was I younger, I  lived in Kiribati in the South Pacific and also spent 5 ½ years living in Bahrain in the Middle East, before coming back to the UK for secondary school. I live in the 5th floor warden flat with my lovely wife, Amelia, and our two children (who are also lovely!), Sonny (3 ½ years) and Margot (1 year).

Marie Rider – 254

Hi! My name´s Marie and I´m in the CDT for the Theory and Simulation of Materials. This is my first year at Imperial so I´m excited about getting to know the university as well as all of you! I grew up in the UK and after finishing my undergrad degree at Sussex I moved to Canada and then Austria to carry on with my studies. When I´m not doing Physics you´ll find me outside (sailing/climbing anyone?), checking out new gigs and museum exhibits (the science museum totally counts as studying, right?) or trying out a new recipe (because baking solves everything). Feel free to come by anytime for a chat and a cup of tea, I´m looking forward to meeting you!


Francesco Restuccia – 154

12085309_10156084378770114_1060565297_oHi Everyone, welcome to Gabor Hall! I am originally from Italy, and am currently a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial. In my free time I love to play sports, mainly squash football and rock climbing, as well as cultivating my passion for cooking.

I have spent the last decade abroad, between the UK, USA and Switzerland. So I understand how overwhelming it feels to move to a new place, but also the exciting opportunities that come along with being somewhere new. Come find me if any of the above interests you, if you have any questions or just want to have a chat!


Johannes Lutzeyer – M54

I´m Johannes a Statistics PhD. My parents are German, but I lived in Brussels for most of my life. I completed my undergraduate at Imperial and have lived in halls all the way, so this is my 6th year here! Halls has been really fun so far and I look forward to another great year with you!

In my free time I enjoy sports, TV series and nice food (sushi!). If you ever want a chat or a deep discussion feel free to knock at M54 and find me. I´m really looking forward to meeting you all!