Senior and Wardening Teams

The Wardens & Seniors

The Wardens act as your first port of call for help and support for any matters relating to life in halls. They are also in charge of making sure the hall environment is conducive to study and living, and so will make sure that Wilkinson is sufficiently clean and quiet, particularly during night time. Together with the Hall Seniors, they organise social activities and events to help you to settle in, get to know one another and have fun in halls.
The wardens are here for you and because of you, so don’t hesitate to approach anyone of us for help or when you see us in the hall.

The wardens are on call every evening from 18:00 – 08:00 and throughout the weekend and holidays. You can reach out via the Duty Mobile on 07590 250 564 or 50564 from an internal phone.



Hey, I'm Hajk and I'm in my 2nd Year studying Aeronautical Engineering. I'm from Hungary and Armenia. I pretty much like everything sports, food and music related. I love recording and producing songs, so if any of you want to make some music then feel free to knock on my door and we can make some tunes. For those of you who don't do music, I'm a coffee addict so come by if you need an espresso or anything to help you settle in, I'll try my best. Good luck.


Hello everyone and welcome to Gabor! I’m Joseph, a second-year chemical engineering student and I will be the senior on fourth floor. When I’m not analysing heat exchangers, I enjoy football (apologies for any noise when Newcastle concede) and politics. I had the most amazing time in these halls last year and I am determined to help make your freshers experience as unforgettable as mine was. If you ever need a chat or any help though, feel free to come and find me in 445.


Hi! Congratulations for getting into Imperial and welcome to Gabor! My name is Julia and I’m a second year MEng Bioengineering student. I’m from Barcelona so I adore the mediterranean food and the sunny weather. I always try to have a bit of both in my free time by cooking myself some Spanish “tortilla” and going for runs in Hyde Park when it’s sunny. I’m very excited to meet you all and I’m always up for a chat, so don’t hesitate to come see me in 3rd floor, room 345, whenever you need someone to talk to. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing experience here with us this year and you’ll make friends that will last a lifetime.


Hi everyone and welcome to Gabor! My name is Marietta and I’m a third year Bioengineering student from the South of Spain. This is my first time as a Hall senior, so I’m very excited about the year ahead together! In my free time I like reading, watching movies, playing some outdoor sports or going for a walk in Hyde Park. I also love travelling and exploring everything London has to offer! I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and making you feel at home, so feel free to knock on my door at any time if you have questions, want to discuss some politics, or just need someone to talk!


Hi, I'm Marina and a third year Physics MSci student. Welcome to Gabor! In my free time I enjoy walking around Hyde park, going out, playing sports and dancing to loud music in the kitchen. I am always up for a chat so feel free to knock on my door. You can find me on fourth floor, room 445, or in the kitchen enjoying some kind of Spanish food (which I will happily share with you ;)) I hope you have a fantastic year with us and look forward to meeting all of you!


I'm Tawfik (but please call me Toffee), I'm 3nd year bioeng and a self proclaimed party animal. I also enjoy dancing and debating, going to the gym, learning languages and especially socialising over a pint/coffee and having a laugh. Knock on my door anytime for a chat or a friendly game of fooseball (even at 2am, I'm awake then *ehm coffee addict ehm*) or even better, going to a coffee shop/bar! Congrats on making it to Imperial but the fun is just beginning ;) (You're Only a Fresher Once).

The Warden


Hi, I am Simon and the Warden of Gabor Hall. I'm a research associate in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology working on river blindness. I live on the fifth floor with my wife Amelia, and my two kids, Sonny who is 6 and Margot who is 3. I've previously lived abroad in the South Pacific and Bahrain in the Middle East so I'm used to the upheaval of moving to another country and the apprehension that some of you may be feeling. We aim to create an inclusive and welcoming environment in Gabor and if you ever have any problems, please do get in touch. Always happy to talk.



Hi, my name's Hannah and I’m a subwarden at Gabor. I live with my boyfriend Ben, and I’m a second year PhD student in the Chemical Engineering Department, studying protein conformational changes under flow using FTIR spectroscopic imaging. I’m from London but have also lived in Australia, India and Japan, I love to travel and meet new people! I can’t wait to meet you all, and please approach me if you need a chat or want to ask any questions! :)


Hi, I am Johannes a Statistics PhD student. My parents are German, but I lived in Brussels for most of my life. In my free time I enjoy sports, TV series and nice food (sushi!). I completed my undergraduate at Imperial and have lived in halls all the way, so this is my 8th year here! Halls has been really fun so far and I look forward to another great year with you! I live on M floor with my girlfriend Victoria. If you ever want to have a chat feel free to knock at M54, and find me. I am really looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi everyone, welcome to Gabor Hall! My name is Victor and I am a PhD student in the exciting field of Computational Neuroscience in the Department of Bioengineering! I am from Brazil, where I got my degree in chemistry and my masters in physics. In my free time, I like to run in the park, climbing and clay sculpting :) Like many of you, this is my first year in Gabor! I live in 154 with Maria, my lovely wife. Feel free to come find me if you have any questions or just to have a chat. I really look forward to meeting all of you!