Travelling Around London

Where is the bicycle shed?

You can store your bike at our Southside bike shed (swipe access via side gate next to Selkirk). You will need to get your swipe card activated at the hall office before you can access the shed. Alternatively, you can also use the college bike shed under the Faculty Building. Bringing your bicycle into the hall or your room is strictly forbidden.

Are we allowed to park our cars at the hall?

There is no parking space provided near the hall. We advise students not to bring a car, as parking permits in College are only issued to students in cases of disability. Parking on London streets is strictly controlled and very expensive.

What is the easiest way to travel around London?

The main two means of public transport in London are buses and the tube. Everyone travelling in London should get an Oyster card, which you can use both on the buses and on the tube. Travelling with Oyster is cheaper and you can get an Oyster card at every tube station. As a student you can also apply for a student Oyster card (you can get the form at the Registry in Sherfield building), which gives you discounts on weekly and monthly passes. To plan your journey you can use Transport for London’s Journey Planner which gives you detailed description of possible routes. For more information on travel in London visit

Where is the nearest tube station?

The nearest tube station is the South Kensington tube station, which is approximately 5 minutes walk from the halls.

What are the local bus routes?

From the bus stations around Imperial College you can catch buses 9, 10, 49, 70, 52 and 360. If you walk to the South Kensington station you can also catch buses 14, 74, 345, 414, 430 and C1. Night routes serving the area are N9, N10, N52, N74, N97, 14 and 345. For more information and maps visit