Telephone, Internet, Post

How can I connect to the internet?
The network sockets in your room are active and can be used with your computer. You need to register your computer before you will have access to the network. You can register for the Student Halls Network service as follows:

  1. Connect your computer to the network socket in your room
  2. Switch on the computer, and open a web browser
  3. Browse to any page (e.g. You will be automatically redirected to the registration pages.

You will need the following information to register:

  • Your College CID
  • A personal / College email address
  • A telephone contact number
  • Your Hall / Room no.

Once registered, your Internet connection will be activated. If you require assistance or more information, dial 45500 from the telephone in your room.

How fast is the internet?
The internet connection in your room is part of the College network and so is very quick. It is more than sufficient for any work requirements you may have. Please do not use Bittorrent and similar programs. Even if you are downloading files legally, the enormous number of connections opened by Bittorrent software will overload the hall’s network server and cause connection errors to other internet users in the hall.

  • 100Mbps connection via Ethernet
  • 50Mbps connection via Wi-Fi
Your email
Undergraduate email accounts are moving to cloud-based serviceĀ Microsoft Office 365. You can check whether yours is a 365 account and find how to guides, at theĀ 365 set-up page.
If you do not have an Office 365 account access at
You have three addresses which all forward to the same account, some of you with common initials will have an extra number added to your address.

  • computing students also


Email in Mac Mail/Outlook
Incoming Server =, Outgoing Server =
Where can I collect my post?
Your post will be found in the mailboxes in the foyer of Gabor (ground floor). Any packages or letters requiring a signature will be delivered to the security lodge in Weeks hall. Security officers will leave a note for you alerting of the presence of that letter or package.