Security & Emergency

What do I have to do in case of fire alarm?
When the fire alarm sounds you must vacate the building and assemble in Princes Gardens, away from the front door of Gabor to allow fire marshals access the building. Students who do not vacate the hall will be fined.
How secure is the hall?
Only residents have a swipe card activated for entering the building. If you see someone whom you do not recognise entering the hall, please ask politely if he/she is a resident. However, if for any reason you are uncomfortable about doing this or suspect something amiss, please ring the duty warden. You are fully responsible for any guests you bring into the hall and they should not wander around unaccompanied. Please ask them to ring you at the door.
Does the hall provide insurance cover for personal belongings?
Imperial College arranges basic insurance cover for students living in its halls of residence. Details will be provided in the welcome packs handed out on the first day. We should recommend that any students with particularly valuable items (computer equipment, bikes, etc) should make their own insurance arrangements.
What can I do in case of emergency?
In an emergency please contact security (4444) or the duty warden (from college phone: 41228, mobile: 07590 250564).