Kitchens and Bedrooms

What do the kitchens come equipped with?
Every kitchen is equipped with cookers, ovens, microwave ovens, kettle, toasters refrigerators and freezers. You will have your own lockable cupboard, the keys to which will be provided. There are also two massive TVs!
Are the rooms and kitchens being cleaned?
Your rooms will be cleaned by the cleaning staff fortnightly. Kitchens will be cleaned daily, from Monday to Friday.
Will cleaners clean our dishes?
Of course not! The cleaners will not do your washing-up. Any dirty crockery or cutlery will be placed in the green bins located within each kitchen. The Hall Manager will dispose of anything still in the green bins after a week.
What do the rooms come equipped with?
A typical en-suite room will include the followings: a bed, study desk, chair, wardrobe, shelving, desk lamp, bedside light, ventilator, phone, laundry basket, fan, 5 coat hangers and curtains. There is a bathroom in every room, but the kitchen is shared with other students. Premium rooms also have a full-length mirror.
Can I put a poster up my wall?
Do not attach any tape or Blue-Tac to your walls under any circumstance, marked walls will incur a charge. White-Tac however is allowed in small quantities.
Is there an area where smoking is allowed?
The college no-smoking policy is in effect in hall and smoking is only allowed at a minimum of five meters away from the hall in Princes Gardens.
How can I report broken and damaged items?
Defect forms can be obtained from the Hall Manager. Here any small problems like a leaking sink/shower, broken desk or you require a new light bulb etc. should be entered. Imperial College Residences aim to respond to all non-emergency defects within 5 working days using a team of maintenance contractors who visit each hall on a weekly basis to deal with any non-urgent defects. Except in emergencies we will not enter your room without permission or prior arrangement. This permission will be given when you report the defect to the Hall Manager. When a contractor enters your room they will leave a maintenance calling card which will inform you of the time of arrival/departure, description of the defect, whether the defect has been resolved or a return visit is required, and the name of the operative.
Am I allowed a mini-fridge in my room?
No! You are not allowed a mini-fridge in your room – you will have your own shelf/ compartment in the fridge in the kitchen on your floor which you can fill up.