ID Cards

ID cards are both swipe and touch cards. They have a magnetic strip and a RFID chip.

Can I lend my swipe card to someone else?

It is very important that you do not lend your card to anyone else. Keep in mind that the card serves as both your college and student identity card as well as granting you access to college facilities such as the Library and the Sports Centre, your department and your room. Keep it with you at all times. Be careful not to leave it in your room when you go out!

What can I do if I lose my swipe card?

If you lose your card, replacements can be obtained during the day from the security office in the Sherfield building; replacements will cost £10 each. If you loose your card and are unable to replace it, the security office in Weeks Hall, and the duty wardens will be able to help you get into your room.

What can I do if the swipe card doesn’t work?

If at any time you have problems with your swipe card please ring the Duty Warden on extension 41228 or mobile 07590 250564.