Announcing the Gabor Hall G-PASS…


So it’s time to start getting the Freshers’ Fortnight show on the road. Each hall run their own programme of events giving you a chance to meet and socialise with the people you are going to be living with for the next year. The activities are subsidised by the Hall Activities fund, which forms part of your rent contribution, and is the seperate charge you can see on your termly invoices.

We have been working up a great programme of events incluing:

  • Boat party down the River Thames
  • 3 Course Coming Up Dinner
  • ICAParty Club Night
  • Bowling Night with Ministry of Sound tickets for afters
  • A host of other events and activities we are still working out the details of

To get your access-all-areas G-pass follow the links below to the Union shop.

G-PASS: Get access to all of the events hosted by Gabor, including a boat party, bowling, Ministry of sound, ICaPRTY club night and coming-up dinner! All for only £40!

G-PASS with Mingle: You can also add on a Mingle ticket quickly and easily by buying this ticket. Includes everything above plus entry to your first Union club night — the Mingle! Only £50.

Please only buy ONE of these – you don’t need to get both!

You will get an email confirmation of purchase. On move in-day your eTicket should show up in your eGabor page. Please let us know if you have any problems!

Gabor Welcome Banner

Congratulations on gaining a place at Imperial College London! It is one of world’s most prestigious educational institutions and you should be proud of having earned this opportunity. The Gabor Hall Wardening and Senior team are also pleased to welcome to Gabor Hall, which will be your home in the first year. Here’s what you need to do right now:

  • Register on eGabor using your college username and password to find out your room number (see details in the Welcome Letter)