Your Team

The wardening team is here to make sure you get the most out of your time in your new home; we’ll be organising events throughout the year, looking after the general safety in the hall and we’re always happy to chat about anything. We act as your first port of call for help and support in matters relating to life in halls and in college.

Every evening and the whole weekend, one of the wardens will be on call in case of emergencies. The duty warden can be reached on the duty phone number at these times – so its a good idea to make sure you have this number in your phone!

You can also come see us in ‘The Nest’ any weekday between 7pm – 8pm when we hold the duty warden clinic.

We can’t wait to get to know you all throughout the year, for now you can read a little bit about us all below.

Marko – The Warden


Marko is the Warden at Alban Hall as well as our sister halls: Pembridge Gardens and Parsons House. He hails from Croatia and works with computers. He lives with his wife, Ana, and daughters, Dora and Lira, at Pembridge Gardens but you’re sure to see him around Alban throughout the year.

Marko is very friendly and always ready for a chat. He likes Ana’s food, a glass of wine, sports and talking to people. He also likes tidy and smiley students – make sure you’re one!

Liam – Sub Warden


Liam is a first year PhD student in Experimental Physics here at Imperial, in his studies he is going to be investigating how 3D printed materials respond to shocks. This will be his 5th year at Imperial after finishing his undergraduate in Physics last year.

He pretty much lives in sports kit thanks to a borderline concerning addiction to running! Aside from doing sports he can be found gorging on carbs, dabbling with a film camera, or enjoying the odd g&t. This year he’s looking forward to starting his research and meeting you all. His door is always open (unless he’s out adventuring) if you want to chat, have a rant, or just enjoy cup of coffee or perhaps something stronger!

Becky – Sub Warden


Becky is a PhD student in her 3rd year in the department of Surgery and Cancer and also involved with the pharmaceutical industry. She has spent two years enjoying exploring London but is originally from Yorkshire, having also spent four years living in the beautiful city of Bath for her undergraduate.

She loves everything food related (cooking and eating). She’s especially fond of a good curry and always looking for new cooking and baking ideas! She also enjoys music, the theatre, comedy, nights out and keeping fit in her spare time. She is always up for a chat about anything over a cup of tea or a glass of wine, from current affairs and politics to the latest gossip from reality TV shows!

Sihao – Sub Warden


Sihao studied Biomedical Engineering here at Imperial and is now continuing his PhD in neuroscience. His research involves representation of sound in the brain. Originally from China, he has lived most of his life in Belgium. This means that he is very picky about his chocolate.

In his free time he enjoys taking photos and exploring the city. Occasionally he will venture into the kitchen to try a new recipe, which you may be pressed to try if you’re in the vicinity. If you ever want to talk about brains, chocolate, photography or anything else, feel free to knock on his door!

Charlie – Sub Warden


Charlie grew up on a remote Scottish farm before moving to London. His Scottish accent has (unfortunately?) been somewhat softened as he is now in his fifth year at Imperial. He is about to start a PhD developing computational models of the heart after completing his undergraduate degree in Aeronautics.

He loves long-distance running and frequently uses this sport as a way to explore different parts of the city. His other interests include consuming good food, devouring a book on the weekend, making ‘music’ with his guitar and a (probably unhealthy) obsession with coffee. He is always happy to chat about anything, especially if it will involve a certain type of hot beverage!

Liz – Sub Warden


Liz hails from Australia and is about to start her MSc in Science Communication. Unlike most creatures from Australia, she does not bite and cannot surf. Liz appreciates the English attitude towards tea (in excess), museums and galleries (free), and theatre (all the theatre!).

Liz’s favourite things include parks, country walks, chocolate biscuits, and accumulating books. She’s always up for a tea and a chat about any and all of the above – and will probably try to rope you into going to a play or on a hike sooner rather than later.