The Wardens

The team consists of 4 Wardens. Our role is to look after you and the hall of residence in cooperation with Xenia staff from Chapter 1. One of us is on-call every night after Reception closes at 8pm in case of emergency. We are also here to assist you with any problems, complaints or questions that you may have. Most of the time the responsibility is social and pastoral (we like this), with a little administration thrown in, and, as the need arises, disciplinary.

Warden, Flat 331

Mark_resizedHi, I am Mark and I am the warden at Xenia. I am a postdoctoral research associate in the faculty of medicine. Originally I am from Liverpool but have spent most of my academic life in Manchester. I am still pretty new to London and Imperial but very much enjoying life in the big smoke. Although this hall is a little off campus it.s a fantastic place to live, it really is in the heart of London. While you are living in Xenia; the wardening team, Hall seniors, and Chapter 1 staff will make sure you have a great time. There will be plenty of events on offer so keep an eye out, also let us know if you have any suggestions for events. Finally if you do have any concerns or problems please feel free to approach any members of the wardening team.

Subwarden, Room 110


Hey everyone, congratulations and welcome to Imperial and more importantly Xenia! I’m Ollie, one of the Subbies and I’m starting a PhD in Chemistry after finishing my undergrad surprisingly also in Chem. I’m known for my love of martial arts, cake (both baking and eating), running (running off the cake) and fifa. I’m here if you want to chat about anything so feel free drop by for a tea/coffee or a game of fifa anytime – door is always open!

Subwarden, Room 209

ChristianHello everyone, my name’s Christian and I’m a sub-wardens at Xenia as well as Ph.D. student somewhere in the Chemistry Department. I’m pretty easy going and will be around to make sure you all have a great first year. I was at IC for three years before now but needed a break so for my M.Sci. I explored the deep south of the USA. Unfortunately I didn’t pick up the accent. Anyway, I play football, like running around Hyde Park (in summer) and cycling places. Any problems you can ask me, no worries. See you soon.

Subwarden, Room G9

AdaHeya! Ada here. I am doing an MRes in Plastic Electronics after which I will do my PhD. By the end of my PhD I would have spent nine years at Imperial College! I studied Chemistry for my undergraduate degree. Although, I am studying Plastic Electronics now I am still doing what I love, which is mixing things in the lab! I must be enjoying my time here to be sticking around for so long?! The answer is YES!! And as a subwarden at Xenia I am here to help you enjoy your time at Imperial too. So feel free to drop by for a chat, a cup of tea or to dance!

The Seniors

The people you will probably have most contact with initially (besides your neighbours) are the Seniors, short for Hall Seniors or Senior Students. As a bunch of ex-freshers, they have returned this year to help you settle in, and to help organise the Hall social life and events throughout the year. The Seniors have already been through at least one year of College, so they are a useful source of information on London life and generally supply a sympathetic ear to people’s problems. Feel free to drop in on them to ask any questions, or just have a chat over a cup of coffee.


megan Hi :) I’m Megan, a fourth year medical student. I’m happy to help you with any issues you might have, but please don’t come to me for medical advice – I’m not qualified… yet! I love to read and I’m part of the riding club, so you might want to avoid me on a Wednesday if you’re allergic to horses!


Ephraim_photHello! My name is Ephraim, third year undergraduate studying materials science. Hobbies: cycling (to uni) and any events with free food. Feel free to drop by any time if I can help you with anything, or just to say hi!


Merel_photHi! I’m Merel, 4th year biomedical science w/management. I enjoy running, cycling to lectures and dancing on a night out. I’m new to Xenia this year and really looking forward settling in with all of you! My door is always open for a chat!


spencer_photHi everyone, I am Spencer, taking Materials Science and Engineering. I love sports, though I am not an expert in any of it. I also like cycling around London since London is a nice place to ride in. So if you have any questions about getting around with a bike, you can find me, or better, Citymapper. I am looking forward to meeting you all here!


Heidi_photHi, I’m Heidi. I am 20 years old and I’m studying Material Science. I love rock and metal music and regularly go to gigs. Coffee and energy drinks are my life source! I have a tendency to be quite accident prone so don’t be surprised if I end up in plaster cast before this year is out…. My hobbies also including eating chocolate and watching copious amounts of Netflix. Lastly, I love eating cheese to the point I am secretary of the cheese society!


Mike_photHello everyone I am Mike, one of your hall seniors for this year.  I’m a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student.  My hobbies include Salsa dancing, going to the gym, playing the piano/learning the guitar, travelling and talking to new people and going on new adventures.  I’m always up for a good funny chat or if you have any problems I’ll do my best to help.  I’m fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese and I’m always happy to learn some more!

Chapter 1

The team at Xenia look forward to welcoming you and getting to know all of the students who will be living in our halls. Xenia staff will be working closely with the Wardening Team to ensure your stay at Xenia is the best it can be! As well as ensuring everything is up and running in the building and that it is maintained and cleaned, Xenia staff will also arrange events and social activities for all students to get involved in and provide reception cover throughout the week.

Deputy Manager
Maintenance Manager
Building Manager