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The Wardening team are here for your safety, wellbeing and discipline - but also to make sure the Hall runs smoothly and you have an enjoyable first year at university.

Wilson House has a Warden, an Assistant Warden, seven Sub-Wardens (who together make up the Wardening team) and twenty Hall Seniors. Meet the Wardening team below. The wardening team are here for you, so don’t hesitate to stop by or approach anyone of us if you see us in the hall. We wish you a very happy and successful year, and look forward to meeting you all!

Pramod - Warden

Welcome to Wilson House. I’m Pramod, the Warden of this wonderful establishment, responsible for the wardening team, and more importantly, your welfare, hall social life and discipline. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in UK universities, before settling here, at the very best (Imperial, of course!).

I’ve recently started working in the university strategy department, working to help the college maintain its world class reputation. Before this, I worked as a Research Associate in Mech Eng for three years, designing implants for Knees, Hips and other body parts (purely joint related, of course). I’ve been wardening for over 6 years and have a wealth of experience, so do feel free to direct any questions you may have to me, and I’ll do my best to help.

In my free time I play a fair bit of squash and tennis, and absolutely love cycling. I also try my hand on the guitar and piano from time to time, which often results in strange noises emanating from my room, so don’t be alarmed.

My team and I are here to help in any way we can, so please do let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your stay and experience here at Wilson amazing and memorable. Hope you have a fantastic year with us.

Paul - Assistant Warden

I’m Paul and am originally from the North of the UK (specifically Leeds, Yorkshire). This will be my eigth year at Imperial; I started in 2009 as an undergraduate and completed my undergraduate in Mathematics, with a sabbatical year as the President of the Students’ Union. I’m now a PhD student in the Department of Computing, working on formal verification of nuclear weapon treaties. It sounds a lot cooler than it actually is (it's just maths!)

Since moving to London, and Imperial, I’ve loved every minute of it – and I’m sure you will too. There’s certainly something for everyone; I’m a big eating-out fan (Tastecard is a big money-saver!), I love the theatre and am happy to give advice on how to get cheap tickets.

The wardening team are here for you, so don’t hesitate to stop by or approach me if you see me in the hall. I wish you a very happy and successful year, look forward to meeting you all, and congrats on choosing the best hall at Imperial!


Hi guys, welcome to Wilson House, I’m Adam (or Marshy - take your pick), and I’m one of your sub-wardens for this year! After completing my undergraduate studies at Durham University I’m currently at Imperial in the first year of a PhD in synthetic chemistry. So outside of Paddington you may also see me in the RCS building or, for the chemists among you, even in some of your undergraduate labs..!

Outside of chemistry I love to cycle, whether that’s around London or on longer trips out of the city (or out of the country!), I also play football, pool, and golf, although the latter rather badly...I’m a big fan of cricket and a very keen follower of NFL, or more specifically, the New York Giants!

London is a fantastic city, and as a native Londoner myself I can tell you, day or night, there is always something unique and exciting to do here. I love to go out and try new restaurants, clubs and bars (did you know there is a Breaking Bad style cocktail bar in London this October?), and find new galleries and exhibitions for when the museums at South Kensington just aren’t quite enough..!

Imperial is a fantastic place to be, both academically and socially, and over the next year we hope to show you why. We can’t wait until you all arrive so we can get started!


Hey guys, I'm Amreen! I'm from Birmingham, I'm a med student taking some time out to study Global Health! You'll probably see me around looking a little bit lost, because directions are not my strong point!

I'm a real foodie, more so eating, than cooking, so if you want any recommendations for Birmingham, Norwich or London, I can (almost) certainly help you out! Other than that I love travelling, the threatre, reading and boxing

Welcome to Wilson House and Imperial! You'll have a fantastic year and if you need any help or just a chat, I'll always be around or you can always knock and come and say hello!


Hey, I’m Eirik. I’m from Norway, though I’ve spent the majority of my life living abroad. I was born in Egypt and have lived in Russia, U.S.A, U.A.E, Norway, and Scotland. So I’m no stranger to moving to a new city! I’ve spent the past 5 years studying in Edinburgh getting my MEng in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering. If you ever get the chance to visit Edinburgh, I strongly recommend it – it’s a lovely city. After 5 years I’m ready for a new city and new challenges. This will be my first year in London and I’m really looking forward to trying everything London has to offer! I’m starting my PhD which looks into “wild fires in cold regions”. So hopefully I’ll just be lighting some stuff on fire for a few years.

In my free time I play any sport I can get my hands on; football, tennis, golf, basketball, literally anything. So if you ever need another player for a casual game, don’t hesitate to ask!

Finally, welcome to Imperial, and more importantly Wilson House! I sincerely hope you have an amazing university experience, starting with this year. London and Imperial have a lot to offer and there’s something for everyone. I wish you good luck and have fun!


Hello if you’re still reading this far! I’m Marissa. I’m a final year medical student who is currently on a hospital placement over the summer, delivering babies. Like Paul, I also took a year out of my studies to work in the Students’ Union as Deputy President (Welfare), making this my sixth year at Imperial altogether!Outside of hospitals and the hallowed halls of Imperial, I enjoy travelling. Last year, I managed to go to Lisbon, Amsterdam and Helsinki and I have South America in mind for when I get enough time and (more importantly) enough money. I also like finding quirky stuff going on in London, whether it’s a night out in Camden which only plays Power Ballads, an underground journalism fair or a speed lock-picking class – you always have good stories to tell afterwards. Anyway, welcome to Wilson! Looking forward to meeting you all in October


Hey guys, welcome to Imperial College and to Wilson House. I hope you will enjoy your course and your stay here! I am Melis, part of the Wardening Team in this hall. I joined Imperial College after finishing my undergraduate degree in Business and Chemistry at the University of Ulm in Germany. Like others before, I fell in love with London instantly and decided to stay for a PhD after finishing my MRes in Chemical Biology. Now I try to solve one of the many mysteries regarding post-translational modifications of histone proteins a.k.a. finding the master cure for everything (how awesome would that be!?).

Next to my studies, I love travelling around the world, learning new languages and getting to know different cultures. The last few years I have been really into learning Hindi and hope to travel around India at one point in my life. However, I also enjoy wandering through London and discovering different sides of the city. A friend and I, we made it our utmost goal to try out a restaurant of each country of the world in London. So I am happy to try new things! Other than that, I love ball games like basketball, volleyball, especially football (played for many years!) and I enjoy a competitive game of table tennis (happy to accept any challenges :D).


Welcome to Imperial College London and to Wilson House. I am Mitesh and I am currently heading towards the end of my PhD. Previously I completed my undergraduate studies in Physics here and now my research has taken me across the departments of Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Materials; so if you are in one of these departments, you will probably see me wandering about (sometimes not even aimlessly). Other than running around college, my interests include drawing and animation as well as martial arts and combat sports. As part of the wardening team, I am here to make sure you have the best possible experience living in the halls. So definitely feel free to come and talk to me about absolutely anything. I hope you enjoy your first year at Imperial - here’s to a new chapter in your journey through life.


Hello everybody and congratulations for making it to Imperial College and Wilson House. My name’s Ryan and I am from Malaysia where it’s summer all year long. I did my undergraduate degree in the Department of Chemical Engineering and now I’m doing my PhD in Particle Engineering where I play with sand all day (no, not the fun stuff at the beach). During my down time, I like to find new fun things to do and food hunting. Sadly being a self-proclaimed connoisseur of good food doesn’t make me a good cook but if you’re looking for some good grub, I can gladly hook you up with some of my favorite local establishments. Please feel free to grab me for a chat if you see me around, don’t worry I don’t bite most of the time. And I hope you’re looking forward to moving in as we have a whole array of awesome events lined up to kick off your university life with a bang! See you soon!