Hall Seniors

Seniors are returning undergraduate students here to make you feel welcome

Seniors live throughout the hall and will be around to help you settle in to Halls and Imperial life. Meet the 2018/19 team below!


Hi new Wilson crew! (it rhymed ??) I’m a 3rd year medic and I too began my humble fresher journey in Wilson like you lucky lot.

In a nutshell: I’m half Slovak (left side), originally from Oxford, enjoy all things sporty (especially basketball, running + korfball), play the flute, and love broccoli. Specialist skills include being able to recite Pi to 225dp, rap the words to ‘Love the Way You Lie – Eminem ft. Rhianna’ and being so unfunny I almost become funny again…

Me aside, I hope you’re excited about starting uni! I know it can seem daunting, but we’re here to look after you so if you need advice about anything*, want someone to beat you at darts/pool/Wii, or just want to chat, my door is always open ?? I’d say just throw yourself in; get involved with the Freshers’ events, try a new club, chat to everyone and just be your lovely selves and have fun! (you’re only a Fresher once remember!)

See y’all in October ????

(*apart from maybe cooking; I can’t cook to save my life haha)


Please call me James. I would be in 3rd year studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering when I meet you. I used to live here in Wilson in my 1st year. I like football, both playing and watching; I support Die Mannschaft and FC Bayern Munich. I enjoy cooking (mainly Chinese food) and have had a great experience cooking and sharing food with my friends in the Annex big kitchen. Reading is another favourite, so recommend books you like to me. Besides football, I play badminton and table tennis as well; also, I am planning to run around Hyde Park (6km if I am correct) every Sunday morning before the hall breakfast to keep fit. Welcome to Wilson House.


Hello everyone! First of all congrats on securing a place in Imperial College. London is a great city for university life and there is always excitements for you to explore. Hope you are ready to experience the best of this adventure because Wilson house will make your first year even more awesome.

My name is Weilun and I am in my fourth year of chemical engineering study, I enjoyed my stay at Wilson House when I was a fresher, and as a current senior, I would very like to help you enjoy the most of it as well. Please feel free to knock on my door if you have any problems regards daily life or if you simply feel like playing some music together. Also if you need a hand with your bike I am happy to help you with that too, but I assume you won’t have as much problem with it as I did since the construction work in Hyde Park is over now, lucky you lot.

Living in Wilson house is an amazing experience and I am sure you will settle down just fine. Hope you have a great summer, I look forward to meeting you all in October.


Hey everyone! I'm Nicolas, a second year biomedical engineering student and I'm from Cyprus! >In my free time, I'm a devoted calisthenics athlete, so if you can't find me in my room, I'll probably be at the park working on my handstand. That being said, I'm a huge NFL and NBA fan and I look forward to meeting others who share the same passion as me and are willing to stay up at nights watching games! Apart from being the secretary of the calisthenics society, I am also a member of the chess club and was the academic year representative of bioengineering.

Having stayed at Wilson as a fresher (specifically in the Annex), I guarantee that you have been allocated to the best hall and that you will undoubtedly enjoy your first year here!

My door will always be open to anyone who might need assistance whether it’s for academics, signposting or even just needing someone to talk to.

Looking forward to meeting all of you in October!


Hey, my name is Navraj and I am from Newcastle. First of all, well done to everyone for getting into Imperial. I had a great time living in Wilson House during my first year and I am sure you will to. I am going into my third year of Mechanical engineering, so if anyone has any questions or ever needs help with Mechanical engineering, I will be more than happy to assist.

Basically my job (and all the other hall seniors) is to make your time at Wilson House as enjoyable and stress free as possible, so please don’t hesitate to come and knock on my door if you need anything at all! :)

Some of my highlights of first year were the unbelievable Wilson breakfast every Sunday, the Thames Boat party and the Fresher’s dinner. Getting involved with as many of the Fresher’s events as possible is a great way to make new friends and make the most of your first year! I look forward to meeting you all soon. :)


Hi everyone, congratulations for getting into Imperial, and welcome to Wilson House. You will soon find out that you are at a great place to develop yourself, make new friends, and have fun.

I am Peter, and I am in my 2nd year studying Mechanical Engineering. I am from Hungary, so London is full of surprises for me, just like for the most of you. In my free time I enjoy listening to all sorts of music, reading a good book, riding a bike, and I also do a bit of cooking every now and then. (yeah, most of the times I end up binge-watching Youtube...)

If you have a question about MechEng, Imperial, or life in general, or if you need anything, I’m here for you. You can find me either in my room, in the kitchen, or on Facebook. I wish you all to have a fantastic year here at Wilson!


Hi, I’m Emem and I am a second year Mechanical Engineering student. Congratulations on getting into Imperial and more importantly, getting to spend your first year at Wilson House. I Immensely enjoyed being a Wilson fresher - all the free find and fun trips and I’m looking forward to spending my 3rd year here as hall senior. I enjoy trying near restaurants, playing the drums, piano - listening to R&B/Hip-hop, playing fifa on the PS4. If you need any sort of advice or someone to explore London with, I’m happy to help!


Welcome to Imperial, welcome to Wilson!

Hi I’m Brandon, a third-year Chemical Engineering Student. This will be my second year as a Wilson Hall Senior :)

My hobbies include scuba diving, PC Gaming and DMing (if there’s any DnD players out there, let me know!) Moving into Halls may seem scary, I know I felt that way at first, but honestly with all the amazing events planned, new friends to make and societies to join you’ll soon settle in just fine!

In my free time, I love hopping on the tube to a random station and exploring the area. Make the most of being in such a vibrant city, there’s plenty to see and do! You never know what beautiful café, bar or museum you’ll wonder into.

So, if ever you need a tour guide, any help, advice, or just want to say hi - my door is always open!


Hi everyone, I'm Hunain and congrats on getting into the best hall at Imperial! I spent my first year at Wilson as a fresher and second year as a hall senior and can assure you all you're in for a fantastic year where you'll be making a lot of memories (some you'll regret and some you'll cherish). When I'm not at Wilson, you can find me in Blackett Laboratory pretending to be a physicist. Looking forward to meeting everyone soon!


Congratulations on getting into Imperial and welcome to Wilson House! I’m Tom and I’m in my final year studying Mechanical Engineering. I really enjoyed living in Wilson when I was in first year and I’m looking forward to meeting you all as one of the halls seniors. My favourite activity at Imperial is kayaking but I’ve also tried Krav Maga and various forms of dancing and I’d really encourage you to find some activities you enjoy doing outside of lectures. If you ever need advice or just want a chat then I’m always happy to talk to you. Enjoy your first year at Imperial and make the most of university life!


Hi my name's Mo! I'm currently a 4th year medical student and a hall senior at Wilson House. I'm a devout theatre-goer, foodie and love to travel - so feel free to ask me about them and anything else too! London is a wonderful place to study and relax as you'll no doubt realise when you start your studies - but it can be a little overwhelming at times too. If you ever have anything to talk about, be it about adjusting to university life or anything else that concerns you feel free to speak your mind as I'll always lend an ear.


Hi and welcome to Wilson House! I’m Paula, third year Mechanical Engineering student. This is my second year as hall senior here at Wilson, and I can assure you that you will have an unforgettable experience here, with many exciting events to look forward to! In my free time I love to spend my time outdoors and exploring new places (London is a great place for this!). If you need any sort of advice or ever need anything feel free to come find me anytime (including mecheng related questions if you’re in this course!). Enjoy the rest of your holidays and looking forward to meeting you all soon!


Hey everyone! Welcome to Imperial! My name is Jenny and I’m in 3rd year Computing. I’m from Bulgaria, so if you fancy speaking Bulgarian or talking about computer science, don’t be shy! I also really enjoy dancing – I’ve done salsa, bachata, jazz dance, a little bit of classical ballet, would like trying belly dancing...

I’m hoping your first year at Imperial is really enjoyable, we are here to help with that, but we can also give advice to cope with workload and stress because Imperial is a lot of work too. I’m sure you’re going to love it here as much as I do.


Hi, I’m Karyshma and I’m a second year Chemical Engineering student. You’re probably a bit worried about your Imperial career but since you’re spending your first year in Wilson, you’re already off to a good start. I enjoy watching plays/musicals, going for long walks around London and cooking. So, if you ever need any help navigating London and the mystery that’s Imperial, I’m always ready to help!


Hey guys, congratulations on getting into Imperial, you should be proud and welcome to WIlson house. Your first year here is going to be GREAT!! We have so many events planned for you guys.

My name is Dennis and I am a third-year mechanical engineer (the best course at Imperial). In my free time I enjoy, watching movies, going to the gym and playing rugby.

I’m here to help you guys settle in and to ensure that you have fun. If you have any questions about Imperial or about anything in general, feel free to ask.


Hi all! I am Pablo, a third year Aeronautical Engineering student. I have just finished a year in Industry in Formula 1 and I am looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.
I love travelling, meeting new people and getting lost in foreign countries. Other than those, I am a keen software programmer, love anything related to motorsport and have some extremely basic understanding of cooking.
Like many of you, this will be my first time at Wilson. However, I will be more than happy to give you a hand through your first year at Imperial. I am sure you will have an amazing time, see you soon!