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Hall Seniors

Seniors are returning undergraduate students here to make you feel welcome

Seniors live throughout the hall and will be around to help you settle in to Halls and Imperial life. Meet the 2016/17 team below!

Aaron H

Hi there! Congratulations on getting into Imperial and getting to live in Wilson House! My name is Aaron and I am about to start my second year of physics. I am keenly interested in karate and climbing so if you have questions about either of those at Imperial please come ask me. Living in halls is a great experience and you will have an incredible time. We (the hall seniors) are here to make sure you have the best time possible so please try and get involved with all the activities we run, and feel free to talk to us if you need someone to talk to. See you in October!

Aaron R

My name is Aaron and I am starting my third year at Imperial studying Civil Engineering. As a first year I lived in Wilson House and I am very looking forward to spending a third year there as hall senior. I am keenly interested in music, playing the piano trumpet and drums, so if anyone is interested in setting up any type of band just get in touch. I also spend quite a lot of time, or like to think I spend quite a lot of time at the gym, and there is a current vacancy of gym partner for St Mary’s gym just 5minutes from halls. I enjoy trying to participate in any sport, although I am an avid fan of football, and a life time West Ham supporter, and I am currently a season ticket holder for West Ham. On another note, I did a summer internship at Atkins this last summer holiday, so if anyone has any questions what it’s like doing an internship in an engineering company I am always willing to answer questions.


Hi all! I’m Andrew, 4th year Aeronautics student. I lived in Wilson during my first year, and it was absolutely incredible. I had a lot of fun, and it made me grow as a person: this is why I feel like I should give something back before I leave Imperial. What a better way than to be a hall senior?

Being at Imperial is an amazing experience. For a lot of us it means new city, new friends, new responsibilities… It can be quite scary. But we are here to help! If you organise yourself properly, you’ll be able to meet amazing people, discover new places and cultures and learn a lot about your subject of choice.

My main interests are music, playing guitar, Formula 1 and geeky chats ranging from science to videogames in the pub. My perfect plan: Hyde park, a few friends, a couple of guitars and a few drinks/snacks. You are more than welcome to join me!


Hi – welcome to Wilson House! I’m Beth, in my third year studying medicine here at Imperial. After spending a year living out in Hammersmith, I’m moving back into halls this year - I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and helping you to settle into uni life! In my spare time I love being outdoors, enjoy anything cycling/hiking/running related, and when I can I like to be out and about exploring London. I’m sure you’ll have a brilliant first year, and if you ever have any worries or need a chat about anything, feel free to come and find me. Enjoy Summer, and I’ll see you in October!


Hey, I’m Eniola and currently a second year Chemical Engineering student at Imperial. Congratulations on getting into Imperial and more importantly, getting to spend your first year at Wilson House. I immensely enjoyed being a Wilson fresher- all the free food and fun trips, and I’m looking forward to spending my 2nd year there as a hall senior. When I’m not buried in coursework, I enjoy going to art galleries, listening to live music and trying out new restaurants. If you need any sort of advice or someone to explore London with, I’m happy to help!


Hi everyone! Congratulations on getting into Imperial and Wilson House, I'm looking forward to meeting you guys and help make your first year of university life fantastic! My name is Erica and I'm a 2nd year Geology student. I'm from Hong Kong but I have been studying in England for four years before coming to Imperial, so if you're wary about living away from home for the first time or need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to find me! Being in Wilson gives you the benefit of being able to get to the rest of London quite easily as well as having Hyde Park just down the road, a brilliant place for some fresh air in this busy city. See you all soon!


Hi :D I'm Gavin and I'm looking forward to being a great Hall Senior to you guys this year! You'll be seeing me around Wilson House a lot - it could be when hosting events for you guys or in the kitchen pretending to be a chef. I'm quite keen on anything electronics-y or code-y so if you have some fun ideas, come find me! :) I enjoy playing tennis although I can't say that I'm any good :P I'm a final year physicist so I've got 3 years of Imperial experience to help answer any questions you may have about halls, the university or London. Feel free to find me, even if only for a little chat! I can't wait to meet all of you guys – it's an immense privilege to be a part of making your first year as awesome as possible.


Hey! I'm Henry, a second year Physics student. I'm from Beyond the Wall, or more precisely Edinburgh, and frequently take the mickey out of anyone who claims Yorkshire is "The North". As a hobby I like to read and write fiction - particularly classics, as saying I've read some Chekhov allows me to sound smarter than I really am. I game a lot, too, so if you need another player let me know. I also love to sing, and am trying and failing to gather the courage to try an open mic night some time. Feel free to come knocking on my door to tell me to shut up if said singing is too loud, or if there's anything you want to talk about. That's what us Seniors are here for! I look forward to meeting you all this October, so enjoy the summer and see you then.


Hi! My name is Lidia and I am a second year Biochemistry student, so if you have any questions about Biochemistry or Biotechnology don’t hesite on asking :) I’m from Spain and I move to London last year to start my degree at Imperial. At first it seemed a bit scary to move to a new city alone to study, as I guess you will feel at the beginning of the year. But as you will see there is plenty of people there to help you. First of all me and the other Hall seniors are there for whatever you need to know about Wilson, London and Imperial. Then you have the wardens, your degree families, personal tutors and all the staff at Imperial that is there to help you. On my leisure time I love playing music, running, reading and discovering new places in the vibrant city that is London. I hope you all enjoy Wilson and Imperial as much as I did last year. I am looking forward to meet you all! Congratulations on making it to Imperial!


Hey everyone! My name is Liuba, and I am a Master's student in the Physics department. I play classical guitar and enjoy alpine skiing, badminton, and running. I also take waaay too many photos, and as you can guess, living in London doesn't help, as there are too many beautiful views and interesting places. Welcome to Imperial and Wilson House, and I hope you will enjoy first year as much as I did! Looking forward to meeting you!


Hello future Wilsoners, congratulations on getting in to Wilson House (and Imperial I guess). I’m in my second year of Chemical Engineering and entered the wonderful world of Wilson as a fresher just like you. In fact, I lived in central London my entire life so am tailored for any enquires regarding the immediate proximity of our hall as well as London as a whole. I am a FIFA veteran, which would be pretty sad if I wasn’t an avid footballer, so I’m excited to be playing with hopefully all of you as Wilson FC dominates the league! So if you need any advice on anything from clubbing to engineering, fancy a game of pool or table tennis, or want to just have a general chat, don’t hesitate to knock on my door (preferably not before 10am). Let’s make this a year to remember!


Hi everybody, congratulations on getting into Imperial College (and more importantly Wilson house)! I’m Manveer and I’m a veteran of Wilson (the shorter name, you’ll be saying it pretty soon) having lived here throughout my university life. I can honestly say it is a fantastic hall with lots of great facilities and in an amazing area of London. I’m currently studying Physics (studying being a strong word) and am in the final year of my masters’ degree.

Outside of studying I love playing football, swimming and running. We are so fortunate at Wilson in that we have the famous Hyde Park on our doorstep (trust me, your friends will be jealous) and also a swimming pool around the corner in St Mary’s library. My bit of advice to everybody would be spend as much time as you can exploring the local area, as you never know what you might find! If you want a game of table tennis, pool or even just fancy a chat, feel free to come and grab me anytime. Finally, welcome to Wilson (you’ll probably be hearing this a lot) and I look forward to sharing some great times with you all!


Hey guys, I'm Martin, starting my third year doing Material Science! First of all, congratulations on making it to Imperial, it was a great choice and success to start your university experience with one of the best colleges of the world! You will encounter many new challenges in the upcoming year and we are here to make you as comfortable as possible and help you out with difficult situations that most of us might have been through in the past.I am from Austria/Poland and I’m very much into music and sports, playing piano and guitar, Im looking forward to meet some motivated musicians to go for a jam in the common room sometime and play together. I also play football, badminton and volleyball so I hope some of you will join the Wilson football team to show the others which hall is the best!Always feel free to knock on my door whenever you need something, see you soon!


Hi my name's Mo! I'm currently a 2nd year medical student and a hall senior at Wilson House. I'm a devout theatre-goer, foodie and love to travel - so feel free to ask me about them and anything else too! London is a wonderful place to study and relax as you'll no doubt realise when you start your studies - but it can be a little overwhelming at times too. If you ever have anything to talk about, be it about adjusting to university life or anything else that concerns you fel free to speak your mind as I'll always lend an ear.


Hello all! I’m Michael and I’m a second year chemist originally from the rural hinterlands of Wales. I lived in Beit last year and decided to move to the other side of Hyde Park to check out another of Imperial’s halls. Aside from Chemistry, I’m involved in the London Forum for Science Policy and Imperial Hub, and am interested in politics, the environment and local community action. When I get time to sit down, I even find time for some light Netflix-ing.

My hard-learned advice to you guys as Freshers – don’t take it too seriously! First year is (apparently) a great time to do the whole social thing and go out all the time (if you can afford it!), especially because it counts for least over a whole degree course. I really hope you all feel welcome in Wilson and settle in for the first of three, four, or even six years at Imperial College London!


Hey there!! Congrats into getting to imperial but even better to WILSON HOUSE!! I know I sound biased but trust me this hall will be a HUGE part of all the fun times you’ll have this year!! I hope you are excited to live here as I was last year. I am a second year Electronic and Information Engineering Student and living in Wilson made my first year fantastic! Yes, I just used the word fantastic! I will be one of your hall seniors in the Annexe and I like to think that I am a good person to talk to for whatever reason really! Hall seniors have lived in halls before and they have experience of what it’s like to study at Imperial College. So if you're in doubt, ask way all your questions and you’re granted to get some answers! I enjoy reading and writing so if you need anything along those lines, let me know! What if its not along those lines? Let me know anyway, and I’ll help you except if it has anything to do with cooking! I look forward to meeting and having a great year with you freshers!


Hi welcome to Imperial! I'm Ning and I'm a second year Chemist, I spent my first year at Wilson and now at Fisher Hall. There are always new interesting sites in London and you will never be bored. For me I like the diversity of culture and fast pace of London, but I also love the serenity and fresh air of countryside. I enjoy reading and eating, oh and I'm a cinephile as well. There are so many societies and opportunities in Imperial, just get involved with them and you will discover things you never have done before.


Hi there! I am Penny and currently a second year mathematician. I used to be a fresher in Wilson and it was absolutely amazing and unforgettable! As an international student, I was so thankful to my lovely housemates and wardens for making me feel like home. All the dinners we had, all the events we held, all the running group sessions and all the funny stories we shared became the best memories I could have had for my first year in Imperial. And I hope you could have them too:)!!


Hi, I’m Shanzeh and am in my third year of Mech Eng. I’m from Pakistan but live in Dubai, so I love the big city life London has to offer. I lived in Wilson as a fresher, and recommend that you explore the area, there’s a really good selection of restaurants around here in particular! (The picture is of me sitting in Wasabi) I’ll try my best to help you with any problems, whether they’re international or local. I loved living in Wilson in my first year, and I’m sure you will too!


Welcome to Wilson House! You’re entering some very exciting times; Imperial has the location, the quality teaching and a host of truly inspiring class mates. Make the most of it all! Join societies, work hard, reinvent yourself and make these years the best of your life. I’m Tomek, and you will find me in the piano room, beating you at pool or watching Question Time. I hope to meet many of you and I wish you all the very best for the year ahead.