The Wardens

The Wardens act as your first port of call for help and support for any matters relating to life in halls. They are also in charge of making sure the hall environment is conducive to study and living, and so will make sure that Wilkinson is sufficiently clean and quiet, particularly during night time. Together with the Hall Seniors, they organise social activities and events to help you to settle in, get to know one another and have fun in halls.

The wardens are here for you and because of you, so don’t hesitate to approach anyone of us for help or when you see us in the hall.

The wardens are on call every evening from 18:00 – 08:00 and throughout the weekend and holidays. You can reach out via the Duty Mobile on 07764 379 356 or 57717 from an internal phone.

Bradley Ladewig

Room 578 (email: bpl)

Hi, my name is Bradley Ladewig and I’m the Warden of Wilkinson Hall. I work at the College as a Senior Lecturer in the Chemical Engineering department and my research focus is on advances materials for chemical separations, usually using membranes.

I also really enjoy teaching Chemical Engineering and have a particular interest in using different styles of teaching, and trying out new and emerging teaching technologies. I enjoy healthy eating (including foods from all around the world) and keeping fit, and I have travelled and lived in a few different places. I was born in Australia but have lived in the UK since 2015.

Languages: English, German (basic).

Charlie Houston

Room M86 (email: cph211)

Hi guys, I’m Charlie and I’m one of the subbies here at Wilkinson. I grew up in the depths of Scotland before moving down south to London. I’m starting my sixth (!!) year at Imperial after completing an undergraduate in Aeronautics here, and now modelling heart bioelectricity in my PhD.

My natural state is wearing running shoes, so you’ll undoubtedly see me heading out in them to explore one of London’s many parks. I also enjoy relaxing with a freshly brewed coffee, devouring a good book and playing (what hopefully sounds like) music on my guitar. Looking forward to meeting you all as you begin your Imperial journey!

Languages: English, French (basic).

Eve Chan

Room 186  (email: ysc416)

Hi! I’m Eve, welcome to Wilkinson Hall. I am currently completing my PhD studies in Chemical Biology. Born in Hong Kong and grew up by the sea in Eastbourne. I love exploring and (a little addicted with) taking photos – food, landscape or the lively streets of London!

I always enjoy a good film so let me know if you want to organise a movie night. When I’m not devouring desserts you may see me jogging in Hyde Park, or at the gym when it’s cold. Come find me if you ever need to talk something through or just feel like having a chat!

Languages: English, Cantonese, French (basic).

Conor Horgan

Room 286 (email: ch215)

Hi everyone! I’m Conor and I can’t wait to meet you all at Wilkinson Hall. I’m currently doing my PhD in Biomedical Engineering. I was born and raised in sunny Bermuda, before moving to sunny Australia for high school and undergrad, followed by my latest move to somewhat less sunny London.

I really like travelling to visit exciting new places and so am in love with London and all it has to offer! You’ll often find me roaming London, whether running through its parks, or searching the streets for a great coffee and Aussie brunch. My door is always open for a chat, so feel free to come in and say hello!

Languages: English, French.