Martyn McLachlan

Warden, Floor 5


A very warm welcome to Tizard and indeed to Imperial College London!

I’m Martyn, the Warden of the Hall and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Materials. I hope to get the chance to meet all of you when you arrive at Tizard and look forward to getting to know everyone during the year ahead.

This will be my 12th year at Imperial, coming here after completing my PhD at the University of Glasgow. All that time at Imperial means that I have a good knowledge of the College and its many Departments and I hope I can use this to support you during the year ahead.

If you need to ask anything you can find me with my wife (Fiona) up on level 5. Fiona works out in the ‘real world’ but you will for sure see her around halls and at lots of events.

I really do hope it’s a fun year for you and that you achieve the academic success you deserve. My entire team and I are here to help you, if things aren’t going as well as you hoped or you just want to chat please feel free to drop in and chat with any of us. One of us has our ‘duty mobile’ every night 6pm-8am and during the entire weekend so if you need something urgently please call.

For now enjoy the rest of the summer, have a look at our fantastic events and get onto our facebook pages.