Aleksandra Kosciuch

Hi everyone, welcome to Tizard Hall! I’m Aleksandra, a second year Materials Science and Engineering student and I come from Poland.
Having spent an incredible year in Woodward as a fresher, I am now going to be one of those who will help you guys settle in and make the most of your time here, in Tizard and at Imperial. London is a place full of possibilities so make sure you don’t miss out on too much. Remember, first year is too short not to enjoy it! So if you ever find yourself having any concerns or problems, please don’t hesitate to talk to me – I’m more than happy to help you.
In my free time I love being outdoors (provided that it’s sunny!), hiking, walking, travelling and exploring new places. I also enjoy playing tennis and rollerblading (anyone else up for the London Friday Night Skate?).
I’m looking forward to meeting you all!