Bohan Peng

Hello everyone, a very warm welcome to Tizard!

I am Bohan, a third year Aeronautical Engineering student. Same as you, I lived in Tizard when I was a fresher. It was a fantastic experience thanks to the great work by the hall seniors and the wardening team. This year, we are going to carry on the legacy and make your year in Tizard an amazing one. First year is when you can get a taste of college life as well as to settle down in London. We will try our best to make Tizard your home away from home where you can relax and prepare for the excitements both at Imperial and in London.
More about myself: I am an aviation geek, and this is why I have chosen my course. Besides being able to talk about planes for days, I am also a landscape photographer who likes hiking. You might also see me playing table tennis in the common room. Feel free to join!
I am looking forward to seeing you guys and feel free to knock on my door if you need any help or simply want to have a casual chat.