Freshers 2019-2020 WELCOME

If you have been allocated accommodation in Tizard Hall congratulations!
Tizard is a phenomenal residence and we are sure you will love living here.

The Wardening Team and Hall Seniors are currently putting the final arrangements together to welcome you at the end of the month. Details will be posted here and on the facebook group when it’s ready.

We realise this is a busy and often confusing time for you, and that you are probably being emailed by so many different people and groups at Imperial…we don’t want to add to your burden so won’t do the same, pone exception is something called e-Halls which is how we communicate with each other – please complete your registration there when prompted and we can keep you up to date with the very latest information about arriving, Freshers’ events and beyond.

For now you can relax with the satisfaction of joining the BEST Hall at Imperial College, check back in a few days for updates.