Hall defects

If there is a problem with your room or with another part of the hall, then we advise you to report non-urgent defects using eHalls under the ‘Defect report’ pages of eHalls here.

If the defect is of a more urgent nature, such as something that could cause more permanent damage like a water leak, then please go to the Hall supervisor office if during Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. Outside of that please contact the duty warden for urgent defects.

Important Health Info!

Please see this link for information about registering with a GP at the Imperial College Health Centre.

Its essential that every student is registered with a doctor, the Imperial College Health Centre is next door to Tizard, this is the perfect place for you to register…remember you may feel fine now but if you become unwell the doctor will only be able to see patients who are registered.

Information for Under 18s

If you will be aged under 18 years old when you come to Imperial please read the following statement relating to events organised in the students union:
– Statement

In Summary- The College and Union have changed their policy so that under 18s will not be able to access ticketed events at the Union which involve the potential for the purchase of alcohol. This unfortunately means that you cannot attend the Mingle; however, the Union have arranged a special event (new and updated for 2016) just for you! This isn’t just for those aged under 18 but anyone who wants an alternative to the Mingle or an environment that does not involve alcohol.