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Holbein & Willis Jackson Houses
61-69 Evelyn Gardens

A map showing our location is included below.

Rough directions to HWJ are available here; more detailed directions are available below, with links to potentially useful travel options.

Some helpful suggestions about what to bring are available from College here – though we would add an Ethernet cable, if you plan to bring a computer.

Directions to Holbein & Willis Jackson Hall (HWJ)

Introduction and Tips

Transport for London (TfL) has a comprehensive website for travel planning, which is updated with closures and delays.  Make sure you check their website before you set out in order to minimise the chance of any unexpected problems.
A number of the routes below use the ‘Tube’, the nickname of the London Underground rail network. Roughly, the Tube runs 6am to midnight, or slightly longer depending on the station and line. Trains run regularly on all lines, and are identified by their destination. Platforms are usually labelled by compass direction (for example, you will want to travel ‘westbound’ from Victoria station to Gloucester Rd, the nearest Tube station to Hall).

Buses cover the whole of London, with routes identified by a Bus number. Electronic systems at bus stops, announcing departures, and on buses announcing the current location, are now common but not ubiquitous. Standard buses run at similar times to the Tube, but there are also much less frequent Night buses throughout the small hours.

The best way to pay for Public Transport in London is by buying an “Oyster card“, which is quicker and much cheaper than one-off paper tickets. Oyster cards come in different varieties, depending on how much you travel. Most useful is usually “pay as you go” (charge up the card in advance (automatically if you like) and have the cost of the journey deducted when you travel). Alternatively, you can buy unlimited travel over a fixed period (travelcard or bus pass). If you have time when you arrive, buy a “pay-as-you-go” Oyster for a £3, refundable deposit, for your journey into town.

If you want to take a Taxi, the safest option is to take a “Black Cab” – the classic London Taxi (usually, but not always black) – if the orange ‘Taxi’ light is on, you can wave the driver to stop. They are relatively expensive, but reliable, knowledgeable, and highly regulated. Alternatively, you can take a ‘mini-cab’ (no light or distinction car shape, though with an identifying sticker in the read window); they are cheaper but of variable standard. The TfL website has more information.

Arriving by Air

From Heathrow

  1. Heathrow airport is on the Tube. From the arrivals terminal, follow the signs to the underground station and take the Piccadilly line towards Cockfosters. Get off at Gloucester Road tube station (approximately 40min) and then walk for 10 min to reach HWJ (for detailed directions, see below “Gloucester Road Station to Willis Jackson”). If you are too heavily loaded you might want to consider taking a taxi from Gloucester Road station which will cost you approximately £5.
  2. Another option is to use Heathrow Express which will drop you in Paddington in 15 minutes, with trains leaving every 15 minutes. From there, you can take the underground to Gloucester Road (Circle Line towards High Street Kensington) station and then walk/taxi as above. However, overall, this route is not much faster (you should count another 15min for the underground) than the Piccadilly line, more complicated, and more expensive. The cost of a single ticket on the Heathrow Express is £16.50
  3. To avoid the hassle of public transport, take a taxi all the way from Heathrow to HWJ (“66 Evelyn Gardens, SW7 3BQ”). Approximate cost is £40. (1/2h-1h)
  4. At night (if the Tube is shut) either take a taxi, or go to the Heathrow Central Bus Station and take bus N9 from Stop: 20 towards Aldwych. Stop at High Street Kensington and then take bus 49 to Gloucester Road. Then walk or take taxi to HWJ. This option will take slightly more than 1½h.

From Gatwick

  1. Take the “Gatwick Express” to Victoria train station (30 min journey, trains every 15 mins, last train at 00:35pm, £16.90 one way); you can also take a “Southern Train” on the same route, which takes only 5 min longer and costs half as much, but runs less frequently (though later at night). NB make sure that you have the correct ticket for the train you board, or you may have to pay again. From Victoria you can take Tube to get to Gloucester Road tube station in 5min (Circle Line towards High Street Kensington or District Line towards Ealing Broadway/Wimbledon) and either walk (see directions in the walking section) / taxi to HWJ. If you arrive at Victoria outside tube times, check the following bus option (15min).
  2. To go cheap, easybusis the way with the service operating every 20min from 6:40a.m.to 23:00a.m.. If you book early in advance, tickets can be as cheap as £2 but average price is 6 pounds. The bus will bring you to Fulham Broadway tube station in 1h and 10min where you can take a bus 14 or 414 (from just outside the tube station) towards Warren Street Get off at Fulham Road / Beaufort Street, just around the corner from HWJ (follow the bus and take the first left).

From Stansted

  1. Use the Stansted Express to reach Liverpool Street Station (45 min jounrey, every 30 mins until approx midnight, £18 one way), then take the Circle Line of the London Underground to Gloucester Road tube station (another 45 min) and walk (see the walking section)/taxi to HWJ.
  2. Take easybus to Victoria station (1h30 min from 7a.m to 1a.m.for every 20-30min. Go to Victoria underground station take the tube to Gloucester Road (District Line towards Richmond/ Ealing Broadway/ Wimbledon or Circle Line towards High Street Kensington), and walk (see the walking section)/taxi to HWJ.
  3. If you are travelling outside Stansted Express , easybus and Tube hours, there are 24- hour coach services provided by Terravision(£9 for single ticket, every 30-40 min from 7am-1am), and National Express. Tickets can be bought on the bus and cost around “£6 for a single journey to central London. These generally take around 1h45mins and terminate at Victoria Coach Station. From Victoria you can take a tube or bus (as above), or get a taxi from the rank in front of the railway station.

From Luton Airport

  1. Take the overland train to King’s Cross St Pancras Station. Switch to the Tube and take a Piccadilly Line train to Gloucester Road tube station (towards Heathrow/Uxbridge) and walk (see the walking section)/taxi to HWJ.
  2. Take the Easy Bus to Victoria (duration is 1h20 and buses operate every 20-30 minutes with average price of £6. The service operates 24h). Go to Victoria underground station take the Tube to Gloucester Road (District Line towards Richmond/ Ealing Broadway/ Wimbledon or Circle Line towards High Street Kensington), and walk (see  the walking section)/taxi to HWJ.
  3. If you are travelling outside easybus and tube times there are 24- hour coach services provided by Terravision(£13 every 20min 24h service but less frequent at night), and National Express.  These generally take around 1h45mins and terminate at Victoria Coach Station. From Victoria you can take a tube or bus (as above), or get a taxi from the rank in front of the railway station.

Arriving by car

If you are driving, the easiest approach (if you don’t have SatNav) is to enter your journey on www.theaa.org. Mostly you will be arriving on the Fulham Road. The entrance to Evelyn Gardens looks like this (although the pedestrian crossing, and the bollards in the middle of the road have recently been removed in preparation for the 2012 Olympics!!):

From the East

From the West

Please note that parking can be difficult except while actually unloading (15 minutes allowed). After 13.30 on Saturdays (and all day Sundays) you may park in Evelyn Gardens for free in residents’ parking bays, at parking meters and on single yellow lines but be sure to check the conditions when you park. On moving in day, many bays will be restricted to unloading only, but there will be a car parking area arranged nearby (usually on Harrington Gardens). For longer stays, the nearest NCP car park is on Cromwell Road at the Kensington Marriott Hotel.

From the North

Aim for the M1 and take the exit toward Wembley/A40/M4. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto the A5/Edgware Rd ramp. At Hyde Park Corner take the 5th exit onto A4/Knightsbridge Green. Bear left at A308/Brompton Rd .Continue to follow A308 as it turns into the Fulham Rd, then turn right in Evelyn Gardens as shown in the picture above.

From the East

When you get into A4, follow it until you can bear left at A308/Brompton Road and continue as above.

From the South

Make your way to Chelsea Embankment (A3220) (turn left from Vauxhall, Albert, Chelsea or Battersea Bridges). Follow it round as it becomes Cheyne Walk and then Gunter Grove, turn right onto Fulham Rd (A308) and left into Evelyn Gdns.

From the West

Take the M4/A4 into London. Turn right at A3220/Earl’s Ct Rd Turn left onto the A308/Fulham Rd. Turn left again at Evelyn Gardens.

Arriving on foot (i.e. walking)

From Gloucester Road tube station to Holbein and Willis Jackson (61-69 Evelyn Gardens, SW7 3BQ)

Figure 1: Walk out of the tube and turn right down Gloucester Rd (heading south).

Figure 2: Keep walking straight (past several junctions – two with Traffic lights)

Figure 3 : Continue until you pass this church (on your left), then turn right into Evelyn Gardns (it’s a square so several streets have the same name).

Figure 4: At the top of this road turn left and you will see Willis Jackson, with a balloon arch over the door!

Figure 5: You are here! Holbein & Willis Jackson Hall, 61-69 Evelyn Gardens, SW7 3BQ. Come into numbers 66-67.

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