Hall Seniors

Hall Seniors are Imperial undergraduate students who loved halls so much they decided to come back and help the wardening team run the Halls. They organise events, answer questions and ensure that settling in and having fun in your first year is as easy as possible.


Adam is a student in the Aeronautics department, returning to halls for his final year since he’s bored of pretending he’s grown up. In his spare time, he enjoys scuba diving, gliding, and shooting flying robots into the nearest solid object.


Hello everyone, my name’s  Conor, and I’m a fourth year  Petroleum Geologist from  Ireland. A very warm welcome  to HWJ,easily the best hall at Imperial. I’ve been here for a few years now, so let me know if you want some tips & tricks or just a chat. You can find me on the third floor of Willis Jackson, or cooking up a mean dish at dinner, playing table football, enjoying a good movie in the TV room, or chilling in the garden, weather permitting. Once again, the warmest of welcomes and have a great year!


Hi everyone! Welcome to HWJ. I’m  Niki and I’m a second year physicist.  If you have any questions about halls or your first year I’d be happy to help. London is great place to live, there are so many things to do. I enjoy doing archery and climbing. I stayed in Willis Jackson last year so I know this is a really great halls! I look forward to meeting you all in fresher’s week.


Hi, I’m Pascal and I am going to be a hall senior in Holbein House next year. I am in my final year studying Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College. After a living in Holbein Willis Jackson in my first year, and being a halls senior last year, I am looking forward to returning to the best halls at Imperial! Originally, I am from Duisburg, Germany, and have been living in London for three years. After lectures, I like to play tennis and do sprints with IC Athletics and I also work with the Amnesty International Society at IC. I am looking forward to getting to know you all during all the fun in fresher’s week or over a pint at the Union.


Hi! I’m in my fourth year of studying Environmental Geoscience, which is great because it combines my interest in all things environmental and my love for travelling. I’m always up for exploring London and trying new things and I find yoga a great way to unwind. A fun night-out for me is a cocktail bar with friends but I’m just as happy having a night-in with a good movie!


Hi Guys! I am Ricky, a fourth year Geologist based in Holbein House 61. I love living in London and enjoy exploring the city. My hobbies include art, reading and travelling. I am part of Leosoc, Imperial’s fine arts society and enjoying taking all the academic stress out on getting stuck into a good ol’ painting. Come and find me if you want a chat or any help! Hope to see you all in the hall events :)


Sabrina is a second year Maths student, but this doesn’t define her at all. Passionate about writing and media, you can talk to her for hours about any subject. Although she is from Romania, the country of Dracula, Sabrina is a friendly and peaceful girl. She enjoys sports and also a good coffee with good friends. PS whenever you want the best pancakes, she’s the one to call!


Hey, I’m Vidish, 3rd Year Geophysics, and really looking forward to meeting you! About me, I’m big on MJ and LOTR/HP, and a big believer in deadlifting and pull-ups. So if you’re wondering where you can find the best humous, or looking for a chat about life, I’ll be here.

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+44 (0)77392 99516 OR x57855 (INTERNAL)
18:00-08:00 WEEKDAYS or 24hr AT WEEKENDS


Your post will be sorted every week day
- General mail can be collected from Willis Jackson.
- Parcels can be signed for in the Hall Office in House 66.
- Special Deliveries can be collected from House 44.

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