Welcome to Holbein & Willis Jackson Halls!

“Holbein and Willis Jackson”, or “HWJ” to its friends, is an Imperial College Hall of Residence, based in a set of beautiful Georgian townhouses in Evelyn Gardens, South Kensington, London. HWJ is one of Imperial College’s larger halls of residence and is known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and large garden. The hall is a great place to live, at the centre of a cosmopolitan hub of cafes, bars, restaurants and cinemas, yet only 10-15 minutes’ walk from the main Imperial College campus.

We are divided into two adjacent buildings, Holbein with about 70 residents, and Willis Jackson with 120 (check the links for 3d tours and other official Accommodation Centre info); most shared facilities are in Willis Jackson (aka ‘Willy J’), making Holbein marginally less convenient but more peaceful, and a few metres less distance to walk to College.

HWJ has a Wardening team whose role is to help residents get the most out of their year in Evelyn Gardens.  We organise fantastic parties, outings and other events, provide help and advice, as well as generally keeping an eye out for everyone living in Hall. Most importantly, we organise fantastic parties, outings and other events. Through the first weekend we will be selling our barginacious Events card, offering discounts throughout the term – make sure that you get yours.

For help planning your arrival, check out our Hall Location  section, with directions, maps, and faqs. We look forward to meeting you all soon.