Beit Hall Rules

By moving in you declared that you have read and understood the Hall Rules and agreed to abide by this set of rules and code of conduct at all times. These rules are intended to benefit all residents and to protect safety and well-being in Hall. Any contravention may result in disciplinary procedures.

  • 1. I understand that my behaviour will affect my fellow residents, and I will be considerate to their feelings and life-style. I will not make excessive noise at any time, and I will not cause any disturbance which might disturb other residents, or neighbours outside the Hall, during the period from 23:00 to 08:00.
  • 2. I will not tamper with, or misuse any fire equipment or the alarm system. I will take care at all times to prevent accidental activation of the alarms, especially while cooking. I will evacuate the building promptly on hearing the alarm and not re-enter until instructed.
  • 3. I accept that no smoking is allowed in the Hall (including e-cigarettes), and that Shisha pipes and similar pipes are not allowed to be kept or used in Hall, and that use of candles and other flames is prohibited.
  • 4. I will treat Hall property, fixtures and fitting, and property of my fellow residents with respect. I will report any damage, however caused, to a Warden or the Hall Manager at the earliest reasonable opportunity. I will not play outdoor games inside the Hall or in the Beit Quad (e.g. use of a football or frisbee).
  • 5. I will not endanger myself or others by any of my actions. I will not throw, or let fall, objects of any kind from windows or balconies.
  • 6. I will not enter restricted areas, violate any safety warnings or notices, or climb outside windows onto balconies, walkways, ledges or roofs except in emergencies.
  • 7. I will not use or keep illegal drugs in Hall, or bring illegal drugs into Hall (this includes cannabis, possession of which will lead to severe discipline and possible legal action).
  • 8. I agree to inform my guests of the Hall rules, and accept that I am fully responsible for their behaviour whenever they are in or around Hall, and they must not be left unattended in Hall. I will ask permission from the Warden before allowing a guest to stay overnight.
  • 9. I will pay attention to security in Hall and will not allow uninvited strangers or those I do not know into Hall. I will inform a Warden or other member of College staff if I see any person in Hall who appears to be an intruder or acting suspiciously. I will not lend my swipecard to anyone and if my swipecard is lost I will report it to security as soon as possible.
  • 10. I will allow my Imperial email address to be used on the Beit email list, and I will read carefully all emails sent to me via this list.
  • 11. When I am in the central quadrangle of Beit, I will only drink alcohol purchased from the Imperial Union. I will consume alcohol purchased elsewhere indoors.
Additionally, you have also agreed to abide by the accommodation licence upon signing your tenancy contract. Make sure you are aware of it, as any infractions to it can also result in disciplinary actions.