Beit Hall Senior Application

Beit Hall Senior Application
  • We are looking for enthusiastic, approachable and lively people to act as Hall Seniors for Beit Hall next year. Hall Seniors are expected to make a major contribution to hall life, and to help make Beit a fun, sociable and safe hall for people to live in. If you fancy a challenge and want to live in one of College's premier halls next year, please fill in this application. Only Imperial UG students are eligible and preference will be given to good applicants who have not yet been a Hall Senior. Any queries should be addressed to Anne Hardijzer [ ] , a current subwarden in the Hall.
  • The application deadline is Monday the 25th of August 23:59h

  • Please submit a recent photo of yours, passport style. Use "jpg" or "png" files and please and keep it less than 1MB.
  • Have you lived in Imperial Halls before? If so, which hall and in what year(s)?
  • What do you think are the responsibilities of a Hall Senior?
  • How do you think you could manage college workloads and hall activities efficiently? Give brief examples to demonstrate
  • List the 3 most memorable Hall organised events you have attended and briefly describe how you may have contributed. If you have never lived in halls, you may list events that you organised for your friends/coursemates and describe what and how you did it
  • Please list and briefly describe 3 events that you would like to contribute to organising in Beit (150 words max)
  • Please pick an integer from 0 to 100 which you think would equal half of the average guess of all the other hall senior applicants.
  • Submit your application by pressing submit below - but make sure you're happy as you cannot edit it later! You will also receive a confirmation email.